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  • These scammers are pro. Often they come from poor countries where the exchange of rs gold into runescape gold for sale real money is very, very worth their effort. They will then treat scamming as their job, working all day, everyday, all week to scam unsuspecting players. They get very good at it.Apart from common sense, such as not doing what others tell you to do, the best thing is to avoid hanging around the GE too long. Dont talk around the GE.


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    Way too many supplies dropped in PvMThe game has too many maxed players who keep dumping unwanted supplies on the GE.Skilling supplies are the bottom tier of the market. No one cares if they sell some logs for far less than current value, they just want them sold. The real money is in combat gear.

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    The GE is inadequate the way it updates. Only 5% either way each day. It simply can not respond fast enough to true market changes.Lots of free and bxp entering the game compared to years ago. Which means most players can reach max without spending heaps on supplies. Many new methods and lots of events which hand out free xp means players can put on lots of xp in skills which would once have cost them a lot to train.

    The decline of skilling overall. PvM makes crazy money compared to skilling. So many players concentrate on PvM rather than skilling. They then discover that PvM will provide a better source of supplies than skilling. Thus reinforcing the first point I made.

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