A Warm Makeover for Your Regency Fireplace

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    There are many ways you can refurbish the fireplaces to give your Regency fireplace a new look. The fireplaces manufactured by Regency will enhance the aesthetics of your room as well as keep you warm for a longer period. Here are some innovative ideas to refurbish your Regency fireplace.


    Painting the old bricks: In 2018, the white painted brick fireplace has become extremely popular. Indoor latex heat resistant paint can be used to achieve this look. You can install gas, wood or pellet insert to your fireplace to maintain the look of the setting.


    • White wash the old bricks: Sometimes people prefer a less solid finish of the white brick of the fireplace. To lend your fireplace this look, you can consider limewash or white wash. This will keep the natural texture of the brick and paint them white at the same time. Other than this you can also choose to white wash the stone.
    • Cultured stone: Cultured stone or faux stone is done by pouring concrete into the mold. The stones are then colored to give it a natural look. You can purchase cultured stones in a pre-arranged tile format or individually. You will have the liberty to mix and match different varieties of stones to form a unique pattern. For the Regency fireplaces, you can choose small stones if it is a cozy room and large stones for larger rooms. This process is much faster than installing natural stones as they are flat on one side and have lighter weight. Cultured stones also cost lesser than natural masonry stones.


    Tile: Installing tiles around the fireplace is a popular trend and you choose the tiles from an extensive range of patterns, textures, colors, sizes, and weights. The tiles are usually manufactured from metal, glass, stone, ceramic or porcelain.


    • Patterned tile: Patterned tiles will give a new look to your old Regency fireplace. The setting will enhance the aesthetics by providing an artistic touch.



    A wood mantle surround: Remember seeing fireplaces with a wood mantle surround in the old movies. Wood mantle is a traditional way of renovating the fireplaces and adds a charm of the bygone eras to your room. You can paint as design the wood mantle surround according to your taste.


    You can change the look of your existing fireplace by mixing different finishing materials like tiles and wood with stone. It has become quite popular this year as the combinations will give a completely new look to your fireplace.