The Amazing abilities of Stainless Steel

  • We use stainless steel daily, but how many of us understand the properties of stainless steel? Stainless steel suppliers in South Africa offer many stainless steel products for a variety of purposes. Stainless steel is used in many industries, which include the construction industry, where stainless steel plays a major role. (Information source: Euro Steel)


    But most fail to understand the properties of this metal to its fullest. People often tend to ignore the unique abilities of this wonderful metal, because in most cases this is used in huge bulks, which automatically raises the expense of the overall project or assignment. People know stainless steel as being just a metal which is used in manufacturing and tube building purposes, while only a few delve deep into gathering information about the substance.


    The Unique Properties of Stainless Steel:

    Stainless steel is named appropriately. This metal repels all kinds of stain or corrosion, which justifies the name of the metal. This very unique ability of this wonderful metal is exclusive and is hardly available in any other metal. The substance, which actually helps stainless steel to retain this property for a very long time is chromium. This is the primary component in stainless steel, which provides it with anti-corrosive properties. Chromium also enables the metal to self-heal. Oxygen is all it needs to self-heal form any kind of scratch or damage. The steel which in turn is used to create stainless steel is a low-carbon one.


    Elements like Nitrogen, Molybdenum and Nickel are used while creating stainless steel, which drastically increases the anti-corrosive properties of this metal. There exist a total of sixty grades of stainless steel, which can be contained into five categories.


    Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Over Other Materials:

    Stainless Steel, apart from its highly anti-corrosion properties as well as its power to heal by itself, with the help of the chromium as well as other substances present in it, there is one other unique benefit of using stainless steel is its strength-to-weight ratio, which is drastically higher in comparison to any other metal which is used in similar purposes. Due to the extreme resistance properties of stainless steel, it is not necessary to build a thick layer of it. Even a thin layer of stainless steel can provide the utmost resistance. Thus, this benefit drastically reduces the production cost of the metal, making it immensely cost-effective.


    Another huge benefit of stainless steel, which also makes it highly eco-friendly, is that it is extensively recyclable. Over fifty per cent of the total amount of stainless steel that is manufactured in the United States is done by recycling old scrap metal.


    Different kinds of Stainless Steel Materials:

    There are mainly three kinds of stainless steel materials, which are characterised by its diverse properties. The first kind is the high chromium versions, which is extensively powerful in resisting corrosion and scratches.


    The second kind is that version which is lower in chromium which is generally used as thin sheets in various sectors, which are not as much resistive against corrosion.


    The third kind is the one which is high in carbon. These sheets are generally bumped up with an added amount of carbon to increase its hardness and strength. Later, heat is applied to it in order to mould it into razor blades and cutleries.


    Stainless steel thus is a unique piece of metal which comes along with benefits of its own.