The Important Task of Outsourcing Business Card Data Entry

  • Business card data entry is a vital job which needs to be performed regularly and with great accuracy. Businesses often outsource this task of business card data entry so that the job is done on time and with great accuracy. However, most companies do not pay much attention to the skills or the knowledge of the service provider they are selecting. They fail to realise that this business card data entry is a specialised task and is best done by experienced people. If you are planning to outsource the task, do not forget to find out more about the firm, the skill set and of course the experience of the company. (Information Credit –


    Why Outsource:

    There are many reasons to outsource tasks – companies usually outsource tasks or jobs when they lack skilled resources, wish to save money and do not have the time. Whatever the reason, it is important to outsource your task to a reliable provider, so that your business is in safe hands. Here are some reasons why outsourcing is of great help:


    • Save Time – You can invest your time in something which needs your attention or something more important.
    • Save Resources – Data entry tasks are time consuming. Why engage your resources in such tasks when it can be easily handled by another company. You can have your resources engaged in something which needs their skills and knowledge.
    • Fast – Your selected company will do the job within your given deadline.
    • Efficiency – It will be handled by trained and skilled people. Hence, you do not have to worry about it being done efficiently.


    The Task of Business Card Data Entry:

    Companies usually have several tasks related to business cards. There are companies which need to convert business cards into excel spread-sheets. Often the information in the cards is needed in a word document or there is a requirement to upload it in a web based system. There is a myriad of tasks associated with such data entry. Here are some tasks which your selected company might have to do:


    • Data entry from the printed card into a web portal. It needs to be done fast and with great accuracy, since a lot of data is required to be transferred.
    • Data entry from specific electronic business cards to a specific database of the client. This needs to be done carefully so that there are no basic errors during the entry.
    • Data mining if any specific information is missing from the cards. Often business cards are incomplete and there is a need to collect additional information from different sources.
    • Maintaining the existing business card database on a regular basis. It needs to be updated with the latest information so that the database remains updated.
    • Business cards indexing


    Thus, with so much responsibility, it is important to find a company which has a credible position in the industry. There are companies which specialise in business card data entry. You need to get in touch with one such company and speak to them about your requirements.