Great Ways to Make Your Website SEO-Friendly

  • Marketing in the modern era is unthinkable without the internet. And it’s not just talking about using the internet to receive orders or send despatch notifications. Almost every major commercial outfit needs to have a website today. In fact, no commercial enterprise in today’s era could even hope to survive without having an online page, because that’s where 90% of sales are generated in today’s world. Many people would look up everything they hear, first on the internet.  So, it is important to be up to date as far as the SEO techniques are concerned. SEO services in Cape Town are either self-provided or outsourced to external companies. Below are some of the most interesting ways to make your page more SEO-friendly: (Information source:


    • The first thing to do is obviously, enrich the text with keywords which are SEO-friendly. To make it simpler, words which have been found to be the most used when searching for the products of the company, are used in the body of the text and the title of the text, so that people who are searching for that product or service, can easily locate the website. Along with that, it is also necessary to make the site extremely productive and useful, so that positive user experience would be able to make Google rank the website up in a high position on the front page. 

    • The second thing that needs to be done is to make the pages suitable for navigation. That means that while the text should be rich and have lengthy explanations, it should not be overloaded with high-resolution videos, which would slow down the loading period of the page, and hence would not be user friendly. Alongside, it should be seen to it that the text is helpful and peppered with guiding links, which would be helpful for readers. 

    • One can take help of the social media when it comes to attracting clients. One can open up Facebook pages for a product or a service, and start the newsfeed advertising techniques to attract people and increase their site traffic. They can start off by doing one-on-one advertising by soliciting and using bulk messaging methods, or partnering with a bigger firm to get more and more people to view its advertisements.

    • This is sort of a continuation of the previous point. Once a firm has managed to catch the eye of a substantial number of people and created a Facebook page of its own, then its next step lies in getting some of the members of its pages to convert to buyers in real life. This is done by creating innovative contests and games, which involve the users posing with the products or using the services of the company in some capacity. And of course, have astonishing prizes for the winners. This will go a long, long way in building up customer loyalty and result in even more brand recognition for the company.