Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an enterprise resource planning system from Microsoft. The system was designed to automate and streamline business processes, as well as improve efficiency in the areas listed and discussed below. (Information source:


    • Finance: all of your financials and accounting as well as taxation processes can be managed in one place.
    • CRM: customer retention is made easier by allowing you to understand your customers better, keep all your customer data in one place and elevate the level of your customer service.
    • Supply chain: planning, procurement, monitoring and assessment is seamless, as all the data is accessible on a variety of devices.
    • Project Management: allows estimate creation, tracking work and optimising resources to be easier than ever before.
    • Reporting: enables management to turn data into business insights and reports, which allows for workflow optimisation and accurate reporting.


    The suite was designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses. As it is a Microsoft product, it does come in a standard format. However, if a business needs some sort of custom functionality, they will have to get in touch with a Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation company in order to get the custom functionality they need.


    So why should you use a Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner to implement your system?


    You should work with a Dynamics NAV partner to get the most out of your implementation and therefore, your business. This is because Dynamics NAV partners give you expert advice on what solutions you should look into purchasing and which solutions you should add to your existing IT infrastructure and systems.


    However, Microsoft partners and systems implementors understand that success doesn’t come by itself. This is what makes support and training so important. Most Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation companies offer these services during the installation of your system and upon completion. This makes communication between the two parties very important.


    Another reason why you should select an experienced implementation company is advice on the system infrastructure itself. Systems resources and total system requirements, which includes server and networking requirements, is of the utmost importance.


    You need a place to access and store your data. How many licenses do you need? How do you migrate all your existing data into the new system? How do you install and configure the software? Who is going to support the training new users? All of this is handled by your Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation company.


    But, with all of this taken into account, selecting the right company is of the utmost importance. Ideally, you want the company you select to be a Microsoft partner. This saves you the time and hassle of going too deep into the history and past work of the company you are considering. You should definitely investigate the company. However, if they are a certified Microsoft partner you can be fairly certain that they can help you and your business effectively. This is because becoming a partner is so difficult with requirements like being in business for 5 years, passing several Microsoft tests and having proven skills in their field.