Top 5 Places to Stay in Seattle In 2021

  • Famous for being the birthplace of some legendary bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and more, Seattle is the city with the backdrop of the northwest Pacific. This popular city of the United States is often considered as the ideal destination to explore high-end restaurants, art, music, and history while being close to nature. So if you’re planning to experience this city in a new way and wondering what are the best areas to stay in Seattle, then read along because this guide is for you.  


    The best time for you to visit Seattle would be September to October as the weather is still warm enough to enjoy with a lesser chance of rainfall.


    Pike Place Market- for sightseeing

    If you want to explore the local essence of this place then the Pike Place Market is the best area to start. Situated amid a number of restaurants, local shops and luxury to budget hotels. Apart from exploring the market itself, you can visit the historic district of Pioneer Square and the Seattle Art Museum. Enjoy the nightlife in Belltown within a walking distance from this place. Pike place is the most preferred and the ideal place when it comes to sightseeing.


    Ballard- for amazing restaurants

    You’ll find tons of restaurants and eateries near Ballard and Pike Place market from cheap yet worth trying food stalls to fine dining options. These two places are most preferred as being the haven for lip-smacking foods and local delicacies. You can find comfort foods like pasta and pizza to different cuisines from all over the world including French, Mexican, Caribbean, and more.


    Seattle Centre- ideal for families

    If you’re vacationing with your family and want to experience Seattle in an interesting way then this place will ideal for you. You’ll find many family-friendly attractions like The Museum of Pop Culture, Pacific Science Center, Seattle’s Children’s Museum, and more. Home to the iconic Space Needle and having easy access to places like Downtown and Pike Place Market, this area is often preferred by travelers visiting with family and kids.


    Belltown- for enjoying the nightlife

    Belltown is the hub of numerous rock venues, restaurants, jazz clubs, pubs, and more. If you’re into experiencing the vibrant nightlife of Seattle then Belltown is the place for you. flocked with a trendy young crowd, boutiques, bar, and eateries you can visit the nearby attractions like Space Needle, Chihuly Museum, MoPOP, Pike Place Market, Downtown for shopping, and more as well.


    Waterfront- for scenic views

    Popular for its scenic landscapes Waterfront is often considered the most romantic place in Seattle. With a backdrop of Puget Sound panorama to the stunning views of the Olympic Mountains, you can never go wrong with this place if you want to spend some time amidst nature.


    Seattle is the home of iconic landmarks and stunning views and is famous for robust music and art that will make sure you can never go out of options.