Eight Benefits of Plasma Cutting

  • Oxyfuel cutting was the old method for cutting metals, however plasma cutting is now the most preferred method. The process offers high-quality cuts at a high speed and its ability to reduce defects has made the process quite popular. Many companies offer plasma cutting services in Gauteng, South Africa and have proved to be extremely efficient and versatile for easy steel cutting and thus they are broadly used now. (Information credit: Plasma Cut)


    The Benefits of Plasma Cutting:


    1.Quality of cutting: Generally, a neat cut is believed to be the work of an expert, but it is very easy to master plasma cutting technology and even easier to control and operate the plasma cutter. With this technology, a clear-cut comes out with high-quality result.


    2.The speed of piercing: Compared to oxyfuel cutting, plasma cutting works twice as fast even for thicker metals. It goes even faster when dealing with thinner metals. This increase in speed also increases productivity and is labour and time efficient.


    3.Convenience: Plasma cutter is portable, so it can be moved to the different sites easily and only one person is required to move it.


    4.Versatility: A plasma cutter is extremely versatile. It can work with various metals because it is processed with electricity, all the electricity conductive metals that cannot be cut by oxyfuel technology can be done with the plasma cutter. For example, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, iron bass etc. All those metals are easy to cut through with this technology.


    5.Dross Eliminated: An oxide slag, commonly known as dross is created when steel and oxygen chemically react to one another. While steel cutting, dross is a general occurrence if oxyfuel method is used. After cutting, the metal needs chiselling or grinding to get rid of these slags. When plasma cutting, the metal is melted with high-temperature gas charged with electricity and the melted metal at the edge is also blown away. The hassle of grinding and chiselling is not required here as the method itself gets rid of excess metal.


    6.Plate warping is not needed: Plate warping is a common problem in oxyfuel cutting, but high definition plasma cutting works so fast that the amount of heat transfer into the metal reduces, thus, plate warping is prevented.


    7.Complete Safety: Plasma cutter’s use gas for cutting and this gas is not flammable. So, the chances of accidents in the site is quite rare. It is a safer method compared to other methods.


    8.Costs Lowered: Plasma cutting saves money in every way, with its speed, high-quality cut, increased productivity, decreased labour work and versatility you can save a lot of money. There are also no expenses for injuries as it is a safe method. This method also lowers the waste with its acute and delicate cutting, so overall, the expenses come down vigorously.


    More and more people are turning to plasma cutting because of its immense advantages and its use is rapidly increasing.