Top 3 Nyonya restaurants in Melaka

  • Top 3 Nyonya restaurants in Melaka


    Malaysia is home to several different cultures and cuisines, making it quite similar to India in the cultural diversity it possesses. Every state you visit in Malaysia has something to unique to offer—be it in the terms of the food or traditions or arts, crafts and textiles. Melaka, for one, is a state that will let you sample authentic Nyonya cuisine not found anywhere else. Nyonya cuisine is the manner of cooking birthed by the Peranakans, descendants of the early Chinese migrants settled in Penang, Malacca, Singapore and Indonesia.


    So why wait? Enjoy some of the best Nyonya dishes in Melaka right away. Travel to Melaka quite conveniently with the help of express buses, the more preferred transportation option all across Malaysia. Refer to for booking online bus tickets and reach these spots in a jiffy!


    Taste a spoonful of this history at these three places:


    1. Amy Heritage Nyonya Cuisine: One of the best luncheon places to be found in Melaka, the steamed ladyfingers with sour-spicy onion rings are one of the best Nyonya dishes to be found through the state. Another intriguing dish to try is the pineapple coconut prawns—sounds yum already!

    2. Baba Fred Nyonya Restaurant: A no-frills restaurant that will serve you mouth-watering Nyonya fare and quite quickly at that. The Petai prawn is one of the more popular dishes here. Baba Fred serves strictly Peranakan food only, unlike some restaurants that offer Chinese dishes as well, with highlights such as ayam pongteh (braised chicken in sweet bean paste) and ikan goreng cili garam (deep-fried fish with spicy chilli paste).

    3. Nancys Kitchen: Nancy’s Kitchen has long been the number one place to go for good Nyonya food in Jonker Walk, and it isn’t hard to see why. Its atmosphere isn’t at all pretentious – it’s like stepping into a friendly neighbour’s dining room for some delicious food, and dishes come piping hot from the kitchen. Try out their sek bak (braised pork) and sambal sotong petai (sambal squid with bitter beans) with white rice for the ultimate finger-licking experience.