What You Should Consider While Buying Gold

  • Gold is purity. Gold is royalty. Gold is a mesmerizing beauty. The metal's history traces back to the time of kings and emperors who valued and promoted its use through various mediums. Gold Coins, vessels and ornaments were an integral part of many kingdoms. Even though times have changed manifold, the value of gold has only increased. It is not a surprise that buying gold needs a lot of thinking and attention to detail. Considering it is the only metal which can be liquidated anywhere in the world, extra caution is always suggested while purchasing it.

    We propose to have a quick glance at the following gold buying tips which will help you make a better purchase. After all, a heart of gold and pure gold is a rare catch, isn't it?

    1. Certification and Hallmark: Always, always look for BIS Standard Mark, a triangular shaped stamp by Bureau of Indian Standards. This certification means that the gold is regulated under government law and is not obtained by any unethical way. All of Rockrush's products come with the necessary certifications including this one.
    2. Purity: The purity of gold is measured in carats or K/kt and 24K is assumed to be the purest form of gold. When less than 24K, gold is mixed with other metals like silver, zinc, copper etc., especially while making gold jewellery, as pure gold is soft. While buying gold jewellery online, go for 24K, 22K and 18K options. At Rockrush, you can rest assured that you're getting a pure product, because of our extensive certification and verification procedure.

    3. Pricing: Each city is bound to have different gold rates owing to varied transportation costs etc. Plus, the making charges are not standardised which changes the pricing levels. Do a quick research on the gold prices at the local market before planning your purchase. And as the prices of gold fluctuate every day, we ensure you get the most out of your money with our "Zero Making Charge" Policy.

    4. Brand/Jeweller: In our country, generations of the family put their trust on a jeweller and have blind faith in him. Nothing wrong with it. However, it is always good to check that the jeweller's supply of gold comes from a verified source. Each jeweller and jewellery brand have its own identification mark provided by BIS. You can trust Rockrush because of our certifications from reputed agencies like SGL, IGI, GIA and BIS hallmarking.

    5. Colour: Yellow is the purest colour of gold. Any other shade means that it is an alloy of gold and some other metal. A naked eye can easily spot the difference between pure gold and other mixed alloys like rose gold, pink gold, green gold and white gold.

    Whether you are buying just gold or gold jewellery, keep an eye for the above tips on buying gold to ensure you only buy the best quality!

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