Affiliation Scheme

  • Affiliation Scheme

    One way to attract potential customers is to ask publishers (that is, those with web sites) to advertise your products and services offered from your web site. In return, publishers receive payments in the form of a certain percentage (or a fixed amount) through successful sales or leads. This 'pay-for-performance' scheme can be quite effective especially when your ads are placed in popular sites containing materials relevant to your offers. In addition to earning some residue revenue, the scheme also allows publishers to affiliate with some leading or well known advertisers (like you) and thus make their web site to become more professional.

    The scheme usually work in a way that a publisher display your advertisement in his/her web site in forms of banners, pop-ups or HTML text with links to your web site. When a visitor click on the link, information that identifies the publisher is also sent, so that any subsequent payment can be tracked.

    Whether you are a publisher or an advertiser this is a win-win situation. One convenient way to set up affiliation schemes is through an intermediary which is responsible for managing payments, buy android reviews, tracking and screening network advertisement. Instead of surfing through the Internet, publishers can select a range of advertisers via a single source. There are a few points you may wish to consider when setting up a scheme.

    • Discreet. As an advertiser, sometimes it is not wise to accept indiscriminately all publishers. Perhaps take a look at the publishers' sites. Their content may not be suitable to display your advertisement.
    • Relevance. The same goes for the publishers. Try to keep advertisement content relavant to your web site. Unless your web site is some kind of virtual mall, too many unrelated banner displays on you site may look unprofessional, if not confusing to your visitors. In addition, these banners may not generate any revenue.
    • Positions. Usually, as a publisher, you are also provided facilities to track page impression, click-thru rate and other related tracking information of an advertisement. The position where you put the advertisement can be crucial. The top most position usually attracts more attention than the bottom section of your page. Is placing a banner right in the middle of your page create annoyance or attention?
    • Balancing act. Effective advertisement can generate lots of $$ to you the publisher. But is the advertisement drawing too many visitors away from your site?