Web Technician Job Description

  • Job responsibilities for Web Technicians may vary slightly between organizations, but the following duties and responsibilities are standard ones:

        To support web server hardware and software
        To maintain, upgrade and install hardware and software
        To propose and implement solutions to website issues and other problems encountered by users
        To ensure high-quality products and services, according to the provided standards, processes and procedures
        To ensure network optimization
        To audit and edit websites
        To provide user support for various tools and software
        To update security policies in coordination with information policies, to protect websites from malware and other types of cyber threats
        To monitor internet access
        To modify web pages, applets, and scripts
        To backup web servers and provide recovery options


    In order to become a successful Web Technician, you have to have the expected characteristics of a web development knowledge as a great start. To grow in this competitive world, it’s vital that you master the hard technical skills to compliment the soft ones.
    Educational Requirements for Web Technicians:

    The educational requirements of web technicians differ based on the work situation, according to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), but the most common requirement is an associate degree in computer programming.

    Web Technicians should have a college degree in the field of Computer Science or a related discipline.

    Web Technicians or as a Web developer further should have expertise in the latest HTML technologies, as most major websites use them.

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