How to Use Bigo Live To Get More Viewers

  • Bigo live is one of the finest live streaming app that allow to stream and engage with millions on the platform. This is a free app and can be easily downloaded from the app store for free which is available for both iOS and Android devices. This app is safe but use it with parental supervision. If we talk about this app in simple words, this is a live streaming app where users can vlog about their lives, host their shows etc.

    In this article, I will cover how you can increase Bigo Live Viewers and some tips to use this app more efficiently. When you start streaming, you have to be very polite and respectful to your users. Any smoking, vulgar and nudity display behavior are prohibited on this platform. If you continue with this, then you will be banned. Before going live, you have to readsome rules and regulation about this Bigo Live app.

    Tips To Get More Bigo Live Viewers, Hearts and Diamonds

    Tips 1: You have to use very attractive and eye-catching profile pic, it will surely increase live viewers.

    Tips 2: You need a microphone to talk to your followers, if they ask about something you can answer their question, this will also help to gain more live viewers.

    Tips 3: Try to solve someone's problem, start a conversation with your followers. It will help your viewers stable on your live stream.

    Tips 4:  Choose a perfect time for your stream. If you choose a selected time, your followers will know your schedule.

    Tips 5: Use a good quality camera if you have. High-quality content always gets more attention as compared to low-quality content.

    These were some tips to gain more heart, diamonds and as well as followers. You don't need to worry about your followers, just focus on your content quality you are providing to your fans. People always engage with those people who have good talent so just focus on whatever you are providing. Using right equipment also play a major role here, they won't stick long if they find poor audio, video content so always remember that point.

    Choosing an Event Can Boost Your Live Viewers

    I am covering how choosing an event can grow your followers, viewers. If you can't go live regularly then choose an event you want to broadcast. In this way, your followers will get something unique they don't expect, and if they find out interesting they will stick with you for a long time. You have just need to find something unique to open your follower's jaw, make them say wow. Some ideas I can mention, for example, wedding, sports, concert or some great presentations.


    These were my some tips and trick you can use for your stream to get more free Bigo stream viewers. Just keep practicing these tips when you go live and you will be the one awesome and amazing among your followers. One thing you have to keep in mind that is, always make a engaging content and interact with your fans. Hope you will find this helpful and continue with your perfection. Share this article if you see this is helpful.