cloud virtualization engineer salary

  • Cloud virtualization engineer is a specialized expert in the areas of virtualization. Many companies and organizations refer them on the subject relating to virtualization mechanism. As businesses realize the significance of virtualization, they are engaging the people they can rely on virtualization of their servers, exclusively people who have experience in the field.

    As per current trends, many servers and much network storage continue to migrate to a virtualized form. Demand for cloud virtualization Engineers will increase. The concept of Cloud virtualization engineering has trended for some time. In 2016, Amazon Web Services, the leading cloud provider, brought in $12.2 billion in net sales. As per Forbes, seventy percent of organizations have at least one application in the cloud. Cloud Virtualization remains an important and valuable skill in the IT landscape.

    Job Description

    Although the job responsibilities vary from one company to other, however, the concept remains the same for any organization. As a cloud virtualization engineer, you are required to understand the pros and cons of setting-up and running software in the cloud system. Even though this role usually needs software design and scripting experience, particular language requests tend to be a bit more comfortable than in traditional engineering careers.


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