Freelance Cisco SDWan Engineer Jobs

  • The role and responsibilities of a Cisco SD-Wan Engineer may not be the same for every team, though they do tend to revolve around some key duties. Often working amongst teams of other system engineers, they primarily help to develop SD-Wan configurations and offer advice and expertise on the building and implementation of the system in the organization or to the organization’s client.

    Cisco SD-Wan’s use is growing as an effective way to intelligently and securely direct traffic across Wide Area Networks. Becoming much more popular on the enterprise level, it represents a growing opportunity for network engineers.

    Cisco SD-Wan Engineers have the following essential responsibilities

    Design and implement SD-Wan network configurations
    Articulating on the benefits of Cisco SD-Wan to clients
    Providing technical demonstrations and use cases of the system
    Ensuring network infrastructure is working at optimal levels
    Leading and building relationships with engineering teams
    Acting as technical lead in cooperation with pre sales and project management team.

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