Web Technician Definition, Salary, Job Description, Responsibil

  • Web Technician Job Description:

    Web Technicians help web designers for web design and programmers set up and maintain web sites as well as related computer servers.

    The responsibility of Web Technician is to develop and maintain portions of the organizational internet and intranet website at the various department level or a designated field. They are highly involved in designs, development, tests and publishes new web pages and websites in compliance with industry and official criteria.

    Ensures that allocated area is steady, well planned, operative to use, up-to-date, and properly retained. They may have accountability for related tasks such as managing information and transactions generated from organizational web pages.

    Job responsibilities for Web Technicians may vary slightly between organizations, but the following duties and responsibilities are standard ones:

    • To support web server hardware and software
    • To maintain, upgrade and install hardware and software
    • To propose and implement solutions to website issues and other problems encountered by users
    • To ensure high-quality products and services, according to the provided standards, processes and procedures
    • To ensure network optimization
    • To audit and edit websites
    • To provide user support for various tools and software
    • To update security policies in coordination with information policies, to protect websites from malware and other types of cyber threats
    • To monitor internet access
    • To modify web pages, applets, and scripts
    • To backup web servers and provide recovery options

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