A four-letter word: Slip, Trip, or Fall.

  • It’s no laughing matter. Slip and fall injuries are serious, often involving broken limbs, and injured necks, backs and legs. It’s a shock to your entire nervous system, and a painful impediment to your day-to-day life.


    A slip injury or falling accident can happen to anyone. Sometimes people blame themselves. The elderly may assume their own frailty made them susceptible. Others presume weather was the cause and nothing can be done. That’s not always the case. Property owners and occupiers have responsibilities – if they were at fault, they should be held accountable.


    Falls can be caused by slippery floors, food spills and messes, unexpected changes in floor surfaces, inappropriate drainage, and inadequate clearing of hazards such as ice or snow. In commercial and retail environments, falls are often the result of uneven floor surfaces, dimly lit stairwells, and inadequate systems and signage.


    Whatever the cause of the slip or fall, recovery is often frustrating, painful and lengthy. Household falls make up 87% of all fractures among people 65 and older. Falls are the second-leading cause of injury-related death among people 65-84 years old.


    In addition to hip and pelvis injuries, slips and falls often result in other debilitating health consequences, including:


    • Back, neck, and spine injuries
    • Torn tendons and ligaments
    • Head injuries


    Back, neck, and spine injuries are painful and difficult to treat. Some people are unable to return to work due to their chronic pain. A broken back, herniated disc, or other injury may also require surgery.


    When an injury involves torn tendons and ligaments, it’s painful and often long-term. Physical therapy, surgery, or lifelong pain are all serious consequences.


    Slips and falls can also have debilitating lifelong consequences, such as traumatic brain injuries. Extensive rehabilitation is often needed, and there can be resulting on-going brain damage, including memory, cognition, behavioral and mobility problems.  

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