ESB Gold has been going downhill since after Daggerfall

  • ESB Gold has been going downhill since after Daggerfall. We don't need stats, specialization, choices which actually matter, nah. In reality, lets just remove roleplaying features from The Elder Scrolls while were in it. Replace the classical folk music with electric wub wub wub music along with Katie Perry!That's right people, we will need to appeal to a larger audience, even if said audience has an IQ sub-par 80 and plays games such as Battlefield 5 and thinks its unironically excellent. Why don't you just create a The Elder Scrolls game exclusively for sport journalists? One which plays like ass, resembles ass-with its obsolete engine-and has bum performance? Elder scrolls is fucking dead. Skyrim was a fantastic match along with all the expansions, damn good with mods, but it'll be the final game in the show worth playing.

    I feel like that is what Quartering breeds. He is doing fantastic work coverage on shitty growth strategies, but the fanbase is just fucking autistic. You people just lapoon games like ESO Blades Gold before its released. Yes, it's likely going to be a money grab, but just give it a opportunity. Wait for it to release. Then it is possible to provide your verdict.What mskes you say that? This is a portable game. Even Fallout Shelter has this, and both these games are handeled from Bethesda Montreal. Literally nothing signifies that this will effects The Elder Scrolls 6/Starfield.

    They did it with fallout and The Elder Scrolls is on the table. Rage is ruined for me with the glistening bright colours but will see what's going to be the following after The Elder Scrolls.You bet your motherfucking ass. Think Skyrim but with even less charm, less good quests, less to do, dumbed down even further, and on precisely the same engine which they've been adding onto with poorly written code for millennia.They destroyed Elder Scrolls with Skyrim. It was in depth and needed much to build off of. Then they dumbed it down a little for Oblivion, then down it a ton for Skyrim. We just have a basic open world RPG with nothing very unique inside like we had with Morrowind.