Everybody's hating on Bethesda's ESB Gold

  • Everybody's hating on Bethesda's ESB Gold, but I think that's simply because they are not the target market or they refuse to give The Elder Scrolls Blades a opportunity. Perhaps you have forgotten about Fallout Shelter? Sure, it may have been a mobile game, but it had been a fantastic match for what it was trying to achieve. Obviously it was finally moved to PC, but that wasn't until much later. Are fine for this? I expect they all have phones, because there will not be much point in owning a console or PC at this rate.

    ESO Blades Gold create The Elder Scrolls Bladess so grindy that they can monetize ways to get around it. This happens a lot with console and PC, also, and it is a problem that needs to be addressed. Bethesda seems intent on nose-diving into the ground as hard as it can, and it's sad to see franchises like Elder Scrolls and Fallout neglect to monetization such as this.I don't understand getting so upset about loot boxes and stuff like this, even in total cost games. Provided that you can get the entire experience without them, who actually cares? I'd be pissed if my children spent all of my money on them, but as anybody who grew up in the 80's when the onslaught of 1-900 numbers emerged, that's not a new item. My parents were pretty pissed when we got ahold of this joke-line, or even the scary story number...

    Wait until children from cellular age grows upward. They'll be the new peasants dethroning the current console peasants. They'll see their favourite console games goes to cellular and get their interfaces on console. Be called as elitists for needing 4K and controller support. Only then, they'll know what PC gamers today feel like today when they are known as an elitist for needing uncapped eyeglasses, resolutions, and having better hardware is better for general expertise.