ESO Blades Boosting is only the beta

  • For anybody who says"oh ESO Blades Boosting is only the beta". I will remind them of the free open beta, where they tipped their hands with the lootboxes, and made promises that they wouldn't be as poor as they ended up being of Battlefront 2. But they were. Really awful. The Elder Scrolls Blades should merely have scrapped the free to play model, in order to remove the BS and try to earn some good will after Fallout 76, especially for programmers and your publisher. That. No lootboxes, no pay-to-win, zero microtransactions. Just a simple match, for a one time price. Is it so hard?

    Along with the core game really earns you more sales. What is complex about this? If ESO Mobile Gold is FREE to play with, a significant amount will strike the wall and just quit playing with it, rather than wait the timers out, or even buy the premium money. How does this make money? Because at some point, whatever chump is paying for The Elder Scrolls Blades will unlock every thing and there will not be anything left for them to spend money on.

    I have not experienced a problem with this! It is exactly like any other game out there today. You can avoid spending money, it simply takes a bit longer, and a little grind work. I love all of The Elder Scrolls Blades's videos, but don't knock The Elder Scrolls Blades until you try it. No injury, no foul.Dont know why it disturbs you. All games are pay to acquire on cellular. Sure you can play with almost f2p, however you get additional faster when you a p2p. Games that are Totally free need to create money some how. Otherwise they dont remain free. What pisses me off about The Elder Scrolls Blades is its device even though it says it's, from the shop. Making that advertisement of compatibility.