Not to just like buy MLB 19 Stubs trophy thing

  • Please add more depth. Not to just like buy MLB 19 Stubs trophy thing. That's not a trophy presentation. Also, more opportunities to talk to the press and ways to get it done. Improve the audience reactions. Best sports game can always get better.

    It has been the celebration for the previous ten years, it's time to change that. Adding something arguments would be nice. Double-headers. The capability to be a manager, similar to how they had that at the NFL games. The capacity plays except for gamers being out. Player versions and stances, more realistic trades. There are. The problem is, like every other sports game seemingly, the biggest focus goes to the Be A Player mode, in place of the actual gameplay, realism, atmosphere, etc..

    You either have not played the sport in a couple of years or you have and clearly have not been paying attention. They have updated celebrations for walk-offs etc.. Several times have enhanced the participant models. They've added stances. The game isn't great but they do cover a excellent attention to detail. This is still the best sports video gaming company there is.I'm interested in what they do using diamond dynasty. MLB The Show 19 again to acquire players and I really don't want to grind for hats. Also need a realistic method to make.

    It a loony to me with a two way player (Shohei Otani) from MLB The Show 19 Stubs and two potential others in the minors (Hunter Greene, CIN P/SS potential that will probably end up simply pitching and Brendan McKay, TB P/1B/OF) there's has been no talk of allowing this to happen in the match this season. It should have been patched in last year and they dropped the ball . OOTP, instantly incorporated it in the past year's name drop just by checking a box, smh. Franchise mode in this game is essentially like campaign for COD, among those years it is going to be eliminated completely.Fix the missed balls/strikes. Actual MLB The Show 19 fans understand bad calls on the other side of the plate are the most bothersome aspect in the game, and using actual technology to boost accuracy needs to be adopted by MLB. Why a movie game feels it requires to replicate one of the most peculiar aspects of MLB The Show 19 is pure stupidity.