nba 2k20 mt players have discovered a new glitch

  • nba 2k20 mt players have discovered a new glitch that allows them to upgrade their Badge tiers in minutes. If you would like to bring your bronze Acrobat or Ankle Breaker to Hall of Fame, this can be one means to do it. While it's unclear who discovered the glitch, we will outline the procedure to get it done.

    Load up the game and proceed to the Under Armour Cages in nba 2k20 mt coins. As soon as you're there, tap the PS button to visit the PS4 home display. Press up and visit your PSN profile site. You should see NBA 2K20 in your"Now Playing" section. Emphasize that and press X. Once you're in the"Join Session" display, hover over the"join button," (do not press it ) and return to your game. Lose a match at the Cages. As soon as the closing VC total descends to zero, double tap on the PS button and press"Join." You'll find a long loading screen. If the game crashes then display, you've completed the glitch correctly.Load back in and your Badges will be upgraded by one tier. If you did not have the Badge at all, it ought to show as bronze.

    The Xbox glitch is fundamentally the same as PS4, it merely uses the Xbox port instead.Lose a game in the Under Armor Cages. When it is going to end, bring the fast menu and then scroll over to"Multiplayer." You should see yourself in a one-person party if you are not playing friends.Tap the celebration icon and press"view profile ." Press"Join Party or game." Maintain up the menu with the option to"join game" emphasized. When you find the collected VC amount descend to zero, click"join match."