Star Wars Battlefront 2 Update Has Increased Rewards And Boost

  • DICE continues to create adjustments to Star Wars Battlefront II. While microtransactions remain disabled, the studio released a fresh update earlier soon in an attempt to address complaints about the rate when players earn rewards and unlock new items.With new content themed around The Last Jedi about the way throughout December, the brand new Battlefront II update focuses exclusively on progression. A common complaint among fans has been the game is simply too slow to dole out Credits, which your performance factors in very little--leading into a players finding methods to SWTOR Credits idle in-game by running in circles to accrue rewards.
    All players will receive more Credits in the end of your match, and DICE has "specifically bump[ed] the very best players on each team by a lot more."Additionally, DICE has increased--but not removed--the cap on what many Credits is usually earned in Arcade mode every single day. DICE said inside a blog post that players "were punching the Arcade mode Credit cap faster SWTOR Credits EU than [it] expected." As a result, anyone can earn up to a single,500 daily, three times as much as before. DICE explained, "While we're still looking into solutions to add more content into your mode inside the long-term, we think this should help from the near-term in case you want rewards for completing the various scenarios.