Epic Games' purchase of the 'Rocket Alliance' leaves players wi


    Recently, Rocket Alliance developer Psyonix announced that it's going to be acquired by Fortnite founder Epic Games within the coming months.

    The news caused more questions as opposed to answer, as well as the Rockets League fans were initially dissatisfied together with the news. Fans, e-sports professionals and content creators expressed dissatisfaction, expressed their contempt for that acquisition, and questioned what sort of problems their most favorite games would become. The player even bombed the Rockets League on Steam, as well as the /r/Rocket League Keys continues to be flooded using the downvote brigade.

    Psyonix's unsatisfactory FAQ and also the direct response from the player failed to help. This FAQ is better left to your fans using a partial explanation in the first place:

    Your first question concerning this type of news might be, "What performs this mean with the Rockets Alliance and it is community?" We are willing to say that the answer then is only positive.

    This non-communication is consistent over the short FAQ, each response makes sure that moving will likely be beneficial, but without real solutions to expectations. Psyonix even was required to update the page hours as soon as the event to be certain they even continued to experience on Steam:
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    The Rockets League remains available on Steam. Anyone who owns Rocket League through Steam could play it and appear forward to continued support.

    Since its announcement, we've got learned from Epic's interview with Variety the Rockets and its updates and future DLCs will continue to be on Steam for users who currently have games for the platform. However, when the Rockets can become the exclusive Epic store following your acquisition, it offers not been confirmed yet, even though this is very likely. It sounds such as two versions with this game Buy Rocket League Keys will co-exist inside the PC market on different platforms, but neither company mentions if the player files and inventory will shift involving the two. The Rocket Alliance's rich Steam Workshop content will vary. Into what, and what changes they will expect through the game.

    Personally, I believe that looking towards Epic Games is definitely an incredible opportunity with the Rocket League for taking game development and eSports scenes to new heights. Epic Games can't really customize the core gameplay that creates the Rocket League so great. Players should look to adding game patch resources and eSports scenarios.

    While absolutely the negative a reaction to fan announcements is sort of compelling, even most optimistic fans who only want to know what will happen, having less real communication regarding the acquisition is frustrating.