FIFA 20 will see updates to a whole host of systems

  • The character customization, varied locations, and the fact that men and women can share the pitch for the first time in franchise history makes FIFA VOLTA a pivotal addition to the game and a push towards celebrating the inherent diversity of soccer. Of course, the core on-pitch game has been improved too. As discussed during the EA Play livestream, FIFA 20 will see updates to a whole host of systems. A new Football Intelligence system is designed to put you at the centre of every match. This system encompasses Authentic Game Flow, an update to the time, space and positioning in game that is designed to make the game feel more like a real football match. This will give players even more control and allow them to use their own skills to better opponents.


    It's almost as if EA itself had been asking the question of what more can it do with FIFA. The answer, it seems, is the return of street football. FIFA 20 will bring Volta Football, an all new mode that lets you play street football in varying degrees of difficulty, pitches and formats. FIFA new street football mode is built to model the love for football that people have across the world, and you can play Volta in 3v3 Rush format, 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5 and even in Pro Futsal mode.


    Decisive moments is the second gameplay feature highlighted during E3, which has four brand new mechanics, Strafe Dribbling, Controller Tackling, Set Piece Refresh, and Composed Finishing. These are essentially four revamps to key aspects of a football match that will offer things like more consistent and clinical finishing, and more dimension to attacking options. Buy FIFA 20 Coins with Professional Service Online, at is Security and Fast Delivery Guaranteed.


    Gamers will be able to create their own unique player with a customised look, including hairstyles, clothing, tattoos and celebrations. Vanity items will be available to unlock. In a refreshing move, there is an option to make a male or female character and teams can feature players of both genders. Chelcee pointed out the footwork of the players close by, to which Antwi responds the footwork is amazing, that’s what you can do in Volta.


    This insight into the style of play and game mechanics will be important across plenty of game modes on FIFA 20 as the new strafe dribbling mechanic allows players more control, precision and agility. The popularity of soccer is unparalleled with an estimated 4 billion people who follow the sport. There are even professional teams that have players from every continent and confederation in the world on their roster. Suffice it to say, soccer touches every corner and every country.