China Mould maker and save your time and money

  • In a word, google is very intelligent for you to find a good China Mould maker and save your time and money when you know how do use it well.
    Selecting good mold makers

    Looking for a good mold maker just like looking for a marry couple. Properly matched marriage is very important. The big one means high cost, the small one need to take more time for communication and know each other well.
    1. Industries

    It is better to select the mold maker who is focus on the same industry as you are, such as Automotive, Medical, Home Appliance, Precision Mold, Large Mold or 2K mold etc.
    2. Company Size

    Different company takes different cost, base on size and management. Don't chose the large one if you want everything go fast and flexible. As there are many rule in big company, everything go as rule.
    3. The one talking with you

    There are many sales work in mold export, news and old. You need to takes much more time and patience for the new one. And they will put you in very important during the jobs. You will save lost of time for the old one. As both of you are professional, everything is easy to talking and understanding.

    Let's get back to the story before. What real happen? Most sale just has mail like sale01, the other will take her job when she quit. But the customer don't know, just like Tom. BTW, most of sale don't know how to see part drawing and mold drawing, their computer has not CAD, UG or Solidworks software. So most of them don't know what the part real look like until get the molded part. It is unbelievable, but it is real.

    pet-mould sales have been study well technology for product, mold making and plastic molding. It is no problem if you work with us.
    4. Feedback of reference customer.

    Most of customer like to ask for reference customer, as the third word is more objective and fair.
    5. Visit factory

    Welcome to visit pet-mould factory. We are here just service for you.