Zyrtec generic vs. Claritin Generic

  • Several people all over the world use anti-allergic medications to treat allergy symptoms. Zyrtec generic and Claritin Generic are the two most popular generic medication used for controlling allergy symptoms. These drugs belong to class of drugs known as Antihistamines. These antihistamines help to treat allergy symptoms, such as hives, swelling, watery eyes and itchy skin.


    Zyrtec generic is the generic version of the drug Cetirizine and Claritin Generic contains Loratidine.


    Zyrtec generic vs. Claritin Generic


    Both these anti-allergic medications are available in several forms such as pills, chewable tablets, and syrups. The users can person these generic versions without a prescription from local drugstores or online pharmacies.


    Active components


    Both these medications contain different active pharmaceutical constituents. Zyrtec Generic contains Cetirizine as the active component and Claritin generic contains Loratidine as the active constituent.




    Both of this drugs are second generation anti-histamines. These are less likely to make a man sleepy as compared to the first generation anti-histamines.


    Time period


    The action of both of the drugs lasts for a duration of about 24 hours. These medication are only to be taken once a day. Both antihistamines have faster rate of absorption, but Zyrtec generic seems to produce faster results in certain people. A research study has found that these drugs are absorbed in the blood stream in a period of one to two hours post consumption.


    How do antihistamines work?


    When a body of a person is exposed to an allergen (substance causing allergy), the immune system produces a chemical component known as Antihistamine. Histamine is the substance, which produces allergic symptoms such as inflammation, red and itchy skin etc.


    Anti-histamines block the action of histamine and thus it reduces the body’s reaction to the allergens.




    Both the medications are effective and safe for treating minor allergies. However, as all every medicine has a side effect, so is this class of drugs. Claritin generic is to be used with caution in people with lover impairment. Zyrtec Generic has less interactions with other medications as compared to the Claritin Generic. The common side effects observed with this class of medications are dizziness, sore throat, dry mouth and constipation.




    This medication is to be taken only after consulting a medical practitioner. It is best to avoid it during pregnancy and breast feeding. Keep this medicine out of reach of children.




    Claritin generic and Zyrtec generic are popular over-the-counter anti-allergic medications. Physician consider them nontoxic and effective for treating minor allergies. Both these second-generation antihistamines produce less drowsiness in comparison to the first-generation antihistamines.


    Till date, no research has determined that which of the two medications is more effective, but some users have observed better results with one or the other. The small differences between both of these medications can make one medicine more appropriate for some people.