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    One of the few things that are constant in this world is change. At the same time Wholesale Emmitt Smith Jersey , many people just don't like change. As a matter of fact, the only person I know that always likes change is a wet baby!

    Having said that, I believe that most people do not like change because they either don't know how to respond to it Wholesale Xavier Woods Jersey , or respond poorly.

    One way to think about this is that change is like waves on the beach. Just like change, waves are relentless, can be very powerful Wholesale Jourdan Lewis Jersey , and there's really only three things you can do with a wave: let it knock you down, survive it, or ride it.

    Let's take a closer look at each of these three ways to handle change.

    Letting it knock you down

    We let the waves of change knock us down when we take what I call the 'dead roach approach? to change. That is Wholesale Byron Jones Jersey , flat on our back, feet in the air, and just let it take control.

    You can tell you are taking this approach when you say things like:

    ?I'm so stressed out!?
    ?I can't take this!?
    ?This isn't fair.?
    ?Why does this always have to happen to me??

    Surviving it

    Doesn't surviving change sound like a good thing to want to do? While in a few cases it's really the only thing you can do Wholesale Maliek Collins Jersey , it really isn't the optimal approach to take. I don't know about you, but merely surviving doesn't sound like a very compelling way to live to me.

    If you're thinking and saying these things, you've probably settled on merely surviving:

    How can I get through this?
    What's the worst that could happen here?
    I don't know if I can take this.
    What can I do to get by?

    The probably with taking a survival approach is that you just merely get by. When you're ready to do more than just get by Wholesale Jaylon Smith Jersey , it's time to begin.........

    Riding it

    Riding the waves of change means moving from a state of survival to a state I call 'thrival.? Thrival is simply the process of making change work for you.

    Here are some questions to ask to begin to learn how to thrive on change:

    How can I make this work for me?
    What's good about this?
    What does this change allow me to do that I couldn't do before?
    What positive things might this change force me to do that I might not have thought of doing before?
    Since life has handed me a lemon, how can I make lemonade?

    Change is inevitable. How we handle it is optional. Make the choice to ride the waves and you're likely to create a compelling life for yourself.


    If you plan to buy a home in Irvine, the need for a real estate agent is inevitable. There are some truly reliable firms in Irvine and Orange County that offer services for buying and selling of properties. However Wholesale Chidobe Awuzie Jersey , most buyers and sellers have serious issues with selection of real estate agents for dealing Irvine homes. Mentioned below is a checklist that will help you make the most apt choice.

    1. Do they have an online portal?

    Most reputed real estate agents in the region have their online portals where they offer free advices and tips for buyers and sellers. Always opt for an agent or firm that has online services and can be contacted via email.

    2. Do they have featured listings?

    What can be more comfortable than checking lists of homes and properties from your home? Search for a real estate agent that offers featured listings in their account. This will help you shortlist homes and properties that meet your expectations and budgetary requirements.

    3. Do they offer property evaluation services?

    Once you shortlist a property, the next step is to estimate and evaluate the same to find the actual market value. Look out for an estate agent who offers you free evaluation reports for properties of your choice.

    4. Do they have marketing facilities?

    If you are dealing with a firm, instead of an individual broker Wholesale Taco Charlton Jersey , you can enjoy a lot of added benefits. Real estate firms have an excellent network, which can be immensely beneficial for promoting your house or property. They can help you estimate the price and find the most suitable buyer for your house.

    5. Do they offer personalized consultation?

    No matter how generalized a broker may be in his website, he must be able to offer you personal consultation and advice. Try to opt for a firm that can offer you individual attention and help in the entire dealing. They must be able to assist you on the completion of deal papers and must have a transparent system for charging for their services.

    Property investments in Orange County and Irvine homes are subject to multiple risks. You need to have a dealer whom you can trust for transparency Wholesale Sean Lee Jersey , quality, regularity and honesty in dealings. Real estate brokers, who have expertise and exposure in the market Wholesale Terrance Williams Jersey , will ensure that clients get the best value for their properties. It is highly advisable to check for the above listed points before making your decision.

    Michal - About Author:
    If you are interested in buying a home, consult a reputable Robert Sontag Real Estate agent serving in Orange County area to help you out here. You can also brows Orange County or Orange county real estate listing at .

    I would like to focus this week on some vocabulary habits that can turn single women off and hurt your chances for getting women attracted to you for love and romance.

    Some women will judge you by how you talk to them and what you say. Unfortunately some men have a very small vocabulary and use certain words over and over again between sentences that can become very annoying to women.

    What are these words that men mistakenly repeat over and over that are a source of annoyment and can actually make you appear to be stupid because you lack a vocabulary? Here are the main ones and you must try to eliminate them from you vocabulary when speaking to single women:

    you know

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