Full swing and development is progressing

  • Dofus appears better compared to last year, as a result of this new Dofus Kamas team shaped along with the support of the Dofus players (KTA, Youtube, Twitch, Forums, etc.). The amounts"aren't great" and Dofus doesn't triumph new Dofus gamers (but remaining in the exact same stage ). There is no devolution. Wakfu MMO will last to receive updates and the staff will remain in place, insisted Tot.

    Dofus was not the most profitable, but it comes from its hibernation! Ankama is searching for partners to expand the reach of Dofus globally and, to keep fans of Dofus, propose an update that will arrive in the close of the year. 40 cards will probably be inserted, with 3 cards each a monster household and course. An"Encore" well seen and especially eagerly awaited from the neighborhood.

    The production of Dofus is in full swing and development is progressing quickly. Many visuals are presented and Tot would like to divide Dofus with the group into 3 distinct modes:A"PvP" style: divided into 3 categories: 1v1, 2v2 and a mysterious Battle Royale mode, at the boxes to get a hell of a time!

    An"Asynchronous" manner: Much more reminiscent of mobile Dofus games like Clash Of Clan. You will have the ability to build a stadium and attack those others. The tone of this series getting seasons after seasons more and more"mature" (Quotes created in Ankama), distributors are beginning to withdraw. FranceTV (having more problems on France 4 side) does not need to have the series and Netflix judges the outcome of the S3 insufficient to continue.However, Ankama will commit to produce several episodes with Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro (at least introduce Waven well, putting after the S4). A Kickstarter will be set up. All advice will be conveyed early 2020.