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  • Interestingly, in pre eclampsia (a pregnancy related multi system rs 07 gold complication), the levels of 5 HT are found to be increased, whilst the overall trophoblast invasion is low, when compared to normal (NT) placenta. Previous studies have compared the status of factors that are involved in trophoblast invasion between NT and PE placenta. However, the expression patterns of all known 5 HT receptors in PE placentae have not been fully investigated, even though the 5 HT mediates its various actions via these receptors.


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    Recombination breakpoints were precisely determined by the changing pattern of nucleotide polymorphisms in the genome sequence of ST 2249 isolate SK1585 compared with ST239 and ST45. One breakpoint was identified to the right of oriC, between sites 1014 and 1065 of the gene D484_00045. Another was identified to the left of oriC, between sites 1185 and 1248 of D484_01632.

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