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    Richard Miller unveiled Rafael Nadal to watch the French Open

    Every year, before the French Open, the Swiss watchmaker launched a new high-performance watch to celebrate its long-standing relationship with Spanish player Rafael Nadal. This year, a new watch called "RM 35-02" will be launched, the first in the Richard Mille collection designed for the Mallorca's automatic movement.

    The six-year collaboration has brought many extraordinary creations as part of the brand's “Rafael Nadal” collection.

    Over the years, tennis players and watchmakers have worked together to create innovative watches, especially in terms of lightweight design and impact resistance – the two basic qualities that Rafael Nadal has to survive.topswisswrist.com

    Like its predecessors, the “RM 35-02” brings a part of its technical and aesthetic innovations. Starting with the new RMAL1 movement, this is a self-winding movement with hours, minutes and seconds, and is also the first of Richard Mille. A watch. "Rafael Nadal" series.

    The “RM 35-02” has a base plate and a bridge made of wet-blasted five-grade titanium and a black PVD surface to ensure a rigid and impeccable smooth surface.

    Another key feature is the introduction of a variable inertia balance driven by a dual barrel system. In addition to improving the performance of the watch, this also helps to improve the accuracy and reliability of the impact.

    Richard Mille also brought his variable geometry rotor to the "RM 35-02". The brand's unique features adjust the self-winding to suit the wearer's level of activity.wholesale AUDEMARS PIGUET ROYAL OAK replica Watches

    The “RM 35-02” case is water resistant to 50 meters and can be selected from NTPT carbon fiber or bright red Quartz-TPT white highlight. The silicon layer is treated with a red resin designed for Richard Mille.

    Another preferred product from Swiss watchmakers is the sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective finish on the case and case, so the movement can be viewed from any angle.

    The outstanding models of the Richard Mille "Rafael Nadal" series include "RM 027" with carbon nanotube case, "RM 27-01" with cable suspension movement, and the most recent "RM 27-02" NTPT carbon "unibody" backplane.

    How to increase the value of your luxury watch

    Luxury watches are more than just a watch. This is an investment, a valuable object. With proper attention and attention, you can increase its value. While the value of the upgrade is not the result of the following guarantees, if you follow them, your watch is more likely to sell better. Read on to find out what you should do, what not to do, and what you might want to consider before purchasing an investment.RICHARD MILLE RM 35-02 AUTOMATIC RAFAEL NADAL replica Watches

    It sounds obvious, isn't it? But what is the "good state" of luxury watches? From the collector's point of view, the mint condition is a wish. If your watch has any sub-perfect effects, it will reduce its value.

    Different watches will endure a variety of different treatments. For example, many of Richard Milles' designs are designed to withstand extraordinary manipulation. Consider RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal. Like all of Richard Mille's Rafael Nadal models, the RM 35-02 is extremely shock resistant. The movement is protected by the Incabloc system, which uses a specially shaped spring that allows the jewel bearing to move when impacted. In theory, you can wear RM 35-02 in a professional tennis match, but do you really want it? Nadal did, but he did not pay for these watches. If you want to keep the value of the Richard Mille luxury watch, I recommend that you put it outside the stadium and put it on the watch safe, not on your wrist.

    Wear it with care: this is a general rule. If you do not store your luxury watch in a watch safe, store it in the original box. Don't let it get wet. And don't succumb to the temptation to polish it.ZENITH 2018 PILOT TYPE 20 29.2432.4069/27.C794 replica Watches

    Huh? Polishing is one thing to keep a luxury watch in its original state, despite the daily contact with moisture, airborne particles, sleeves, shirt cuffs, and children's luster... In fact, polishing is a collector's Buster. The correct way to clean a luxury watch is in an ultrasonic bath - preferably in a container that does not scratch the metal. For example, Audemars Piguet placed the service piece in a Teflon tray before the ultrasonic degreasing began.

    Polishing luxury watches without taking such comprehensive precautions, you will do more harm than good. Polishing can cause microscopic scratches that actually wear the edges of the case. Over time, your Royal Oak's unique angular bezel, or the iconic lugs of the Omega Speedmaster series, are distorted, blurred and imperfect.

    The popular fact: At the time of sale, claiming that your luxury watch is "unpolished", even if it is, it is not a good idea. The term has become synonymous with misleading advertising for used luxury watches: as for the Vintage Rolex Forum, the term “unpolished” has actually been banned.replica B.R.M V14-44-BG-AJ Watch price