They're asking for the wow classic gold

  • They're asking for the wow classic gold EXPERIENCE of a more challenging game which needs socialization and coordination to playwith. Not a watered down snooze-fest game that puts food in your mouth, holds your hands and wipes your butt so you do have to perform more than drool to perform it.

    I really don't think it will triumph. It will not be a total failure. I have played since day 1 of vanilla. It is over rated. Needing to plan things, having to travel to far off areas on foot or on slow land mounts, needing to form a set, playing server only ppl produced a community. . .all I miss from vanilla. Not WoW Classic it self. Now if I could discover the vanilla peeps I performed that's something to buy classic wow gold consider.I'm anticipating about 5-6 million. But I think the end of the will proves right brack. I know it's a very popular opinion but as a company if they don't retain that 5-6 million brack will be right and classic will be considered neglect for the investors.

    WoW Classic back then was a different experience. Modern WoW Classic is watered down, epics that are free, no character development. I know a good deal of people are going in assuming it'll be just like the old days... but if you're hoping to get a replicated experience of your very first time going to SM you either need amnesia or never played WoW Classic at the first location.

    The discovery portion is not likely to be there. Your old friends may not be there.But... are there people playing with this? Most definitely. I will not though unless something changes.