I believe the buy classic wow gold

  • I hate that idea. I believe the buy classic wow gold portion of vanilla has been the community. You knew specific players in your own server bc they had the hand of rag or else they had been really well geared or they had been famous for a different reason. You attempted to beat on each other and PvPed contrary to the exact members of the opposite faction.

    I think layering and/or sharding will kill that feeling of community and it's not gonna be a multiplayer match. It is gonna be like current WoW Classic where you play on your own and set out of necessity. You might be a dick bc all you'd have to do is log out and log back to a layer that is new and no one knows you.

    I think that is a huge turn off for me and honestly is taking a LOT. I am glad that at least they are saying that by stage 2, layering will probably be gone. Don't think that it should be in WoW Classic in the first place. Think that is why the community is not happy with it.

    A good deal of the vanilla neighborhood is coming from cheap classic wow gold private servers now (itself included, although I am not as hard core for a lot of those guys) and on private servers that's never been a thing.Yes sharding is poor for Vanilla in the start but I believe its great for its own longevity.

    Blizzard needs players to play with Vanilla because a good part of the veterans who used to play wont come back cause life. Now imagine if the initial experience for these new players is a game because there is so many gamers, where you cant do shit. . .They wont stay.