The right Approach to the Accident cases with the right lawyer

  • After an accident in the workplace, if the employee cannot inform his employer or his representative directly at the place of the accident, the information must be sent, by any means conferring a certain date on receipt, in other words, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. There comes the accident lawyer with the best supports.

    Remember to tell employer the following information:

    • The place of the accident;
    • The precise circumstances of the accident (date, time, course of events, etc.).
    • The names and surnames of any witnesses present during the accident.

    Does the victim want to report an industrial accident to employer?

    Write letter of declaration of a work accident. Have the victims state of health checked with a doctor. He must also, as soon as possible, have state of health verified with a doctor. The latter will draw up a medical certificate in duplicate, on which the following information is indicated:

    • The nature of the lesions and their location;
    • The symptoms;
    • The after-effects which may result from the accident.

    Doctor will send a copy of the certificate directly to employer and give the employee the other copy.If it deems necessary due to the employees’ condition, doctor will issue a work stoppage. The injured employee will then have to send sections 1 and 2 to Primary Health Insurance Fund and section 3 to his employer.

    Who must report the work accident to the Primary Health Insurance Fund?

    It is up to employer or his representative to report the accident of which he is aware to the Primary Health Insurance Fund on which employee depend. This declaration of industrial accident must be made within 48 hours. When filling out the DAT or during the following 10 days, employer may issue justified reservations as to the reality of the professional nature of the accident. If employer does not report an industrial accident to the health insurance fund, employee can declare it himself to his insurer until the end of the 2nd year following the accident.

    How are medical costs related to the work accident covered?

    When the employee is the victim of an industrial accident, his employer must give him an industrial accident sheet. The employee need to keep it in a safe place because he must systematically present it to each health professional consulted (doctor, nurse, biologist, pharmacist, physiotherapist, etc.) or, if applicable, to the hospital to benefit from the care associated with accident at work and third party payment. In fact, the medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and accessory costs linked to the work accident in particular, are 100% covered by the insurance policy and he do not have to pay the costs in advance for these expenses.

    How are the victim compensated for an industrial accident?

    In addition, in the event of temporary incapacity forcing the employee to interrupt professional activity, the victim benefit from the payment of daily allowances intended to compensate for the loss of employees’ income. These benefits are paid every 14 days, without a waiting period, that is to say, from the 1st day following the stoppage of work following the accident.

    They are paid throughout the period of incapacity for work which precedes either complete recovery or consolidation of the injury or death, as well as in the event of a relapse or worsening of the injuries. The working day during which the accident occurred, regardless of the method of payment of wages, is fully payable by the employer.