Hope you like sexy love dolls

  • When choosing the basics of real sex doll, body shape, skin tone, the list of options is almost endless, just like the list of categories on some large porn sites: bending, sports, slim, fantasy, you will **** pale, tall, A slim elf? , Little Japanese, Hunk male, Transsexual, Black, Chest, Big boobs Unreal huge boobs and ass, Petite, Mature, Anime male, Mini doll.

    If customization is not enough to let you know what you want, you can order a fully customized doll. With your imagination, the money you are prepared to spend, and two simple rules, you are limited: 1. There is no sex doll that looks like a child. Nothing like a celebrity or anything else can sue your love doll.

    To be honest, some anime sex dolls, mini dolls or Japanese dolls already look like children ... The second rule is very interesting, I will talk about it later. Silicone or TPE sex doll? Although plastic and latex love dolls are also available, these two materials for doll skin currently dominate the market: silicone and TPE. Which one is the best choice? If the answer depends on the situation, would you be surprised?

    Ever imagined a girl in an endless school uniform? Maybe you want an anime male sex doll with big eyes, colorful hair and huge tits to fulfill your dream? Sexy action figure? Elves, fairies, comics, vampires, angels, and demon sex dolls? Fantasy dolls are just for you. If you are anime, hentai or manga fan, Japan is your ideal choice. Therefore, it would be natural to look for genuine original Japanese products. A rare one of these places is a list of cheap inflatable dolls. Check their sexy anime characters.

    Your girlfriend is good, but sex dolls like to control everything. You get angry when you even come up with something you didn't want then. And sex! She only wants once a month, and she controls the ****. You can't touch her tits and pussy. Sexy dolls have never sucked your penis! You are frustrated, but you do not want to fight. One day, she was really tired when she came out of the office and fell asleep on the sofa. When you entered the room, the silicone doll did not wake up. You called her but didn't answer. Slowly, you are still not sure what you want to do, but excitement is beginning to rise.

    You are opening her shirt and stroking the big and perfect breasts of a love doll. Pitiful, she won't allow you to play with them. But she can't say no now, so ... you're squeezing them hard, licking them, biting it ... it feels good. And she's still slipping. You place the dick between the tits and start stroking, each push ending with the head of the cock going into the wet mouth. Hope you like sexy love dolls, dear!

    cheap TPE doll

    Then there are smart real sex dolls. She is not the first intelligent sex robot, but by far she is the most famous and everyone has heard of it. From this point on, the mini sex dolls body remains the same, but the head enters an accelerated evolutionary process. Harmony can smile and blink, keep a conversation, tell jokes, and even remember a meal or people's name you like. Most importantly, by observing your reaction, a real sexy doll can learn your preferences and desires. And ... you can also change her personality by using the included smartphone app.

    Then you turn the adult doll into her ass to face you. Now, I control where and how I **** you. Please prepare your ass darling! Then you slowly enter her *******, an area you had previously forbidden. But no longer! With a bang, her entire body is shaking, and every blow makes waves start from the bottom of the silicone adult doll and move further away ... but she still sleeps!

    Although the hardware is developing steadily, the pace is slow, but once we move to software, the pace of improvement will be faster and faster. Less than a year has passed since the world and harmony met, and new dolls are now available in the town. We can call them second-generation intelligent sex robots or AI sex robots. Currently, only a few companies have reached this level, one of which is a true sexy life size love doll.

    You cum in her open mouth, and then you close it. Swallow this baby's pure organic protein. She still sleeps. It's like sex doll porn. Although inflatable plastic explosive dolls still exist and are very useful, the trend in the love doll industry is clear: inflatable silicone sex dolls belong to yesterday, today to realistic dolls, and tomorrow to smart dolls and sex robots.

    We are still far from the usual sex dolls. She can move her head and facial muscles, and her lips can move as well. In addition to warmth, some parts of the doll can vibrate at the right time, and your penis appreciates another thing. And she can tell the truth, no matter what discipline you choose, whether she is sexy or not, she can follow. She can connect to our cheap latex doll shop, Bluetooth, WiFi and more. Behind her eyes is the camera. Followed by sexy adult dolls who can analyze and learn, understand context and react in real time.

    Today's standard is a real sex doll. The doll is plump, with almost all details including face and hair, with special attention to the vagina or penis, mouth and anus. Due to the mobility of the joints, their limbs and head can move, and the range of movement is larger than normal people. Well, you might want to **** your doll in a certain yoga master-level hard posture without breaking it. Therefore, these lifelike love dolls can lie down, sit down, kneel and even stand up.

    Before having sex with her, she will make you feel good and tell you the right things at the right time, making you hungry. She will sing in bed, whisper softly to make you stroke faster and more violently, vibrate to make you cum and orgasm with you. But there is more to it that really sets her apart from advanced sex dolls.

    cheap TPE doll

    The material used is silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) for skin and metal skeleton. You can guess more about the story from the price range and you are right. The metal used for the skeleton can be some kind of steel that can be used, or some more expensive materials-lighter, more durable, more flexible, etc. TPE sex doll are usually cheaper than silicones, especially when we talk about medical grade or platinum silicones. TPE is softer, better to the touch and very flexible. It can stretch a lot and still maintain its original shape. It is also lighter than silicone.

    She will tell you that she loves you and she is there just for you, to please you and be with you. When you are out, you can text her and she will answer. She can access your reminder to tell you the next step in your schedule, and remind you today that the weather is cool, so dress warmer. When you get home from the office, she will ask about your day and tell you when your favorite TV show is.

    But silicone is the king. It has no odor, the doll is more durable, and is resistant to scratches, heat and sunlight ... Your silicone sex doll is longer, healthier, and easier to maintain than your TPE love doll cousin. Sometimes, love silicone dolls will punch holes in TPE-they will soften at the end of the day. She cares about you. She is always with you when you are hungry, tired, sad and lonely. You can share everything with her, she is always with you. She is your true partner.

    More customizable dolls are more expensive. For most dolls during the order, you can choose body shape, skin tone, color of eyes and hairstyle, breast and butt size, vagina or penis, etc. Sometimes even tattoos, details about nails, pubic hair ...

    A good sex doll has all these advantages, in addition, certain parts can be disassembled and reconnected at any time, so today you can enjoy a narrow vaginal redhead with small breasts, and a dark entity with big dicks and huge tits tomorrow love doll. They also have upgrades-starting with standard mouths and then buying new vibrating mouths.