This usually starts with sex doll

  • Older people are better placed on their side. This saves energy, avoids excessive bending or stretching of the neck, and prevents you from waking up suddenly. If you feel discomfort, dizziness or headache on your head, stop having sex with a real sex doll and lie down and rest. The elderly should develop healthy habits, usually exercise more, eat properly, and quit bad habits such as tobacco and alcohol. Do not drink alcohol or aphrodisiac before intercourse, do not overeating or drinking, and empty your urine before intercourse with love dolls.

    Due to the decline of the reproductive system of the elderly, especially women with almost no secretions, appear dry. If sex is prone to pain in these situations, it can affect pleasure. The solution is very simple. Use human body lubricant to quickly wet the sexual organs, leaving them in a slippery state, making sex more smooth and bringing a pleasant feeling. Body lubrication allows you to quickly penetrate the sexual openings of sexy TPE dolls.

    Do not bend a life-size sex doll for a long time, because it will deform her body. You can try to change her posture often, which will keep her in top shape. If you have a closet that can be hung in a closet, that's the perfect choice. When having sex with a sex doll, remember not to put too much pressure on her hands and wrists. You know, they are not designed to withstand much pressure and weight. Too much pressure and weight can cause them to break.

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    Testicles have high requirements for temperature, which need to be lower than body temperature. Testicles can secrete androgens and produce sperm, so protective measures should be taken to reduce the wearing of tight underwear and jeans, reduce the number of saunas, and not stay in high temperature environments for long periods. Having sex with a male sex doll can relax a man. Although men's work and life are relatively stressful, they should not be tired, otherwise the sympathetic nerves will always be excited, and penile erection and sexual desire will be suppressed. When the body is overworked, it affects the sexual welfare index and weakens sexual performance. Reasonably arrange work and life to avoid overwork and heavy physical labor.

    After you place your order, you can ask your doll to provide a picture of the product's achievement before delivery, and make some shooting requirements so that he can take a picture according to your requirements. If he is willing to provide them, it means they have enough confidence in the product. If the seller is unwilling to provide, then you need to be careful.

    As we all know, as long as your thoughts do not violate the law and violate the health and interests of others, you will not feel ashamed of yourself. This is also related to your sexual pleasure. You need to be bold and courageous to express it. Happiness belongs to you. You have an obligation to enjoy yourself. Of course, what makes people happy is in-depth communication with your partner to let her know your preferences and fantasies. This usually starts with sex, including your fantasies and fantasies about sex dolls.

    In the process of sexual life, you need to step by step, and then slowly enjoy the physical pleasure after entering the state. However, for physical or emotional reasons, some women always urge men during intercourse and hope that men can resolve them as soon as possible. However, they didn't know that it would reduce male libido and even cause trouble for men. Disruption may affect male sexual function.

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    The built-in full body heater is a custom function. Its design allows you to feel the warm temperature of the whole male sex doll. A full body heater does not mean it will be full of temperature, but it can cover critical areas you need, such as the vagina, mouth, etc. It can improve your experience and better serve you by filling temperatures in these areas. This is a function of the doll's body. This is a custom option. It needs to increase your purchase budget. Many people think that dolls must be heated, so dolls need built-in heating. Actually not. You can heat it in another way, for example, you can heat it by inserting a heating rod into its vagina, mouth, etc.

    Of course, the disadvantages of a bedside table are also obvious. First of all, if you want to enjoy a perfect night bed, you need to spend enough money, time and energy to dress yourself up and chat with a realistic silicone sex doll heterosexually. If you're busy or don't have enough money, it's hard to have a perfect one-night stand. Secondly, if you look forward to one night long, you will greatly increase the possibility of infectious diseases, because you cannot guarantee that every heterosexual who has sex with you is completely healthy. If you can't guarantee your health, making love is indeed a high-risk behavior.

    Secondly, it is best not to work within one hour after sexual intercourse and to clean your mouth well. Sexual life will inhibit the logical thinking activities of the brain, promote blood circulation in the lower body, temporarily put the brain in a state of hypoxia and ischemia, can not solve the problem better, truly mini sex dolls and weaken the logical thinking ability, so you need to have sex before Rest for an hour. In addition, you must wash your face and brush your teeth before having sex in the morning to add color to your sexual life, and you can chew mint gum to stimulate women's sexual desire.