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  • Which is better, a bedside table or a love doll? After research, it was found that from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m., the time of highest testosterone secretion, that is, the time with the strongest sexual desire, having sex in the morning can make the couple more confident. What are the benefits of having sex in the morning? Adult men have penis erections in the morning, which is a vent of sexual activity. Because the secretion of androgens is very strong in the morning, it can stimulate sexual desire and penile erection. Many men like to have sex with silicone sexy dolls in the morning, because the penis erection is easy and long-lasting, which makes men more confident in sex life. After a night of rest, he felt energetic and relaxed.

    As the pace of life and work pressure increase, many people lack ways to satisfy emotional release and sexual needs. So many people are constantly looking for ways to satisfy themselves, and bedside tables and sex dolls are the two most important ways people choose. Many people are eager to release and satisfy their physical and psychological needs through a night bed, and many people choose to satisfy themselves through sexy real dolls. These two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and can meet people's emotional and physiological needs. So, which one is better? One night stand, experience fresh and exciting sex.

    How to heat your sex doll? I hope to live a warmer and closer sex life with my sex dolls. But not everyone knows how to achieve this goal. Now, we will show you the easiest way to heat dolls, and tell you the benefits of heated dolls. Why heat the doll? This may be a question that all true sex doll owners want to ask. Why are you heating the doll? First of all, you must clearly admit that sex dolls are essentially a cold TPE material product and cannot maintain a constant temperature like humans. If it's cool, it's cold. Therefore, people usually need to heat her before use.

    Although some people say that the sexual relationship between husband and wife will make each other happy, especially when they are released physically and mentally, there are also many couples who only make themselves happy when they have sex and often encounter some taboos Emotional effects that lead to sexual relations. Impact or physical injury. Therefore, men and women should understand that in the sexual life of couples, certain taboos cannot be achieved. Can mini sex dolls save their relationship? What should couples be taboo in terms of sex? First of all, when calling someone to have sex, taboo others' names. It reduces the other person's sexual desire, making them more likely to quarrel and even divorce some of them. Therefore, you must pay attention to whether there are others in your heart. When having sex, no other heterosexual names will appear except for the names of others.

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    How do you allow sex partners to accept sex dolls? Now sex dolls are becoming more and more popular. Many people have become fans of sex dolls. But there are several types of people who like sex dolls. Some people are lucky. They can disclose their interests to partners and let them accept. Therefore, they do not have to worry about their partner's opposition. They can buy and enjoy sex dolls at will. They can even persuade their partner to enjoy sex with them. But most people are not so lucky. Some people must be very careful when playing sex dolls. They must keep sexy authentic dolls away from their families. Moreover, some people are afraid to buy sex dolls. They worry that the cracks between sex dolls and their lovers will cause this relationship to break.

    Men should do well in sexual health. Not only can stimulate androgen secretion, but also protect sexual ability, enhance male charm and maintain masculinity in bed. However, there are weaknesses in male sexual health. What are the weaknesses of male sexual health? The study found that male sexual behavior is closely related to temperature and season. When the weather is cold, the scrotum shows the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, which reduces sexual performance. The temperature difference between morning and evening in autumn is large. It is necessary to do warm work in the morning and evening, especially sex life, to prevent the body from getting cold. The male reproductive organs are always in a wet state, which provides a good environment for the growth of bacteria. It is easy to cause scrotal eczema or jock itch, which may reduce male libido and self-confidence for a long time. Before and after sex, please carefully clean the reproductive area, keep the area clean and dry, and choose breathable underwear.

    Many customers often ask how to buy underwear for their dolls when buying sexy authentic dolls. Today we will talk about WM Dolls and sexy lingerie. If it is a real woman, then women will naturally like beauty and like others to praise her for being beautiful and sexy, while men will naturally not resist sexy and beautiful girls. . Good underwear can usually make or destroy a woman's full set of clothing, so it must be matched with appropriate clothing. This is why a real woman should list all kinds of underwear in her closet.

    However, when it comes to sex dolls, unlike humans, she does not have to go out to work or shop, has no social activities, and does not have to own too many types of underwear. She will only go out if the owner puts her in a car or wheelchair. Therefore, for her, some basic underwear may be enough, because she spends most of her time at home and in the bedroom.

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    How to take care of your sex doll? Real things like sex dolls can bring incredible fun to men, but men also need to take care of them. If you don't know how to deal with it, it will bring you unnecessary trouble and cost. Here are some suggestions that are worth reading and understanding. Always remember that your sex doll is made of metal frame and covered with real soft TPE material, so if you want to maximize its life and quality, you must pay more attention.

    Should n’t the elderly have sex? The answer is clearly not. All couples need to pursue sexual health, and older couples also need sex to enable the elderly to live a harmonious and happy life. There is no gender distinction. As long as you have a young heart, what happened to relive the passion of young people? However, although the elderly are young in heart, the body is not as good as before. This is an objective fact. Therefore, in terms of sex, the elderly need to master some necessities. Let's take a look at six points of sexual behavior in the elderly. They must first make some preparations.

    In an era where sex dolls are becoming more and more popular, people have more demands and fantasies about sex dolls. In addition to satisfying sexual needs, people expect that sex dolls can expand more functions and become more perfect companions. Today, the hottest trend is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can implement and replace some of the human brain's behavior through machine learning. What will be the impact if artificial intelligence is introduced into male sex doll?