Dress up love doll in sexy lingerie when your mood is low

  • Dress up love doll in sexy lingerie. When your mood is low, she is unlikely to get transparent underwear from you. The truth is that when you feel you are in the best state, you usually bring the best state for yourself and your partner. You see the clothes she is wearing reflect your emotional state or reaction.

    Secondly, it is best not to work within one hour after having sex with the doll, and do a good job of oral cleaning. Sexual life can inhibit the logical thinking activity of the brain, promote blood circulation to the lower body, temporarily leave the brain in a state of hypoxia and ischemia, unable to better solve the problem, and weaken the logical thinking ability, so you need to rest for an hour before having sex. In addition, you must wash your face and brush your teeth before having sex in the morning, so as to add luster to your sex life, you can also chew mint gum to stimulate female sexual desire.

    Of course, the disadvantages of a bedside table are also obvious. First of all, if you want to enjoy a perfect night bed, you need to spend enough money, time and energy to dress yourself up and chat with heterosexual love dolls. If you are busy or do not have enough money, it is difficult to have a perfect one-night stand. Secondly, if you look forward to one night for a long time, it will greatly increase the possibility of infectious diseases, because you cannot guarantee that every heterosexual person who has sexual relations with you is completely healthy. If you cannot guarantee your health, then making love is indeed a high-risk behavior. However, having sex with real silicone sex dolls does not pose any risks, they are very healthy.

    The built-in full-body heater is determined by each customer according to their needs. If you need a more convenient and simpler way to heat your true mini sex dolls, we suggest you contact customer service and add it. Of course, you need to pay for this feature, but this will be the right decision, and every penny you spend is worth it. If you mind paying for this feature, you can choose another way to heat the doll.

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    In the process of sex life, you need to go step by step, and then enter the state to slowly enjoy the pleasure of the body. However, due to physical or emotional reasons, some women always urge men during intercourse and hope that men will resolve them as soon as possible. However, they did not know that this would reduce male sexual desire and even cause trouble for men. Interruption may affect male sexual function. Men like to relax when having sex with real TPE love dolls.

    As we all know, as long as your thoughts do not violate the law and violate the health and interests of others, you will not be ashamed of yourself. This is also related to your sexual pleasure. You need to express it boldly and bravely. Happiness belongs to you. You are obliged to enjoy yourself. Of course, what makes people happy is in-depth communication with your partner to let her know your preferences and fantasies. This can usually start with sex, including your fantasies and fantasies about sex dolls.

    Men should maintain good living conditions, control the frequency of sex life, and reduce masturbation. Do more physical exercise, such as swimming or brisk walking. You can't ride too long. Otherwise it will cause rubbing of the testes or penis, affecting the local blood supply, so as not to weaken sexual performance. The advantage of having sex with a cheap sex doll is that you can avoid pregnancy. Maintain a peaceful attitude, avoid excessive mood swings, and do not blindly use drugs that supplement the sun and kidneys.

    Use appropriate lubricant. Oil-based lubricants can damage the skin of WM Dolls, please let your baby use oil-based lubricants. For sex toys, water-based lubricants are the best lubricants because they will not damage the skin and vagina of sex toys and are safe for you. We expect that in the near future, with the development of artificial intelligence and the sex industry, sex dolls can indeed have the function of artificial intelligence. Not only can she meet the host ’s sexual needs, but she can also give the host a real sense of company. She can do simple housework for you like your wife. She can understand and understand your hobbies and become your ideal partner.

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    You need to keep the sex doll tidy, which can help you avoid illness. You should bathe him at least once every half a month. You can use mild soap and antibacterial bath to help your baby take a bath. Remember, when bathing your baby, do not immerse her face and hair in water. You can use a wet towel to gently wipe her face, and use mild soap to clean the dust on the skin. After cleaning the doll, you can gently pat the doll with a clean absorbent towel to dry the surface of the doll. Please do not try to dry the skin and hair of sex dolls with a hair dryer. Very stupid. After the skin of the sex toy is dry, you can use baby powder on it to keep it clean.

    The elderly should develop healthy habits, usually exercise more, eat reasonably, and quit bad habits such as tobacco and alcohol. Do not drink alcohol or take aphrodisiac before sexual intercourse, do not overeating or drinking water, and empty urine before sexual intercourse. Due to the decline of the reproductive system of the elderly, especially women have almost no secretions and appear dry. If sex life is likely to cause pain in these situations, it will affect pleasure. The solution is very simple. Use human lubricating fluid to quickly wet the sex organs, making them in a slippery state, making sex more smooth and bringing a pleasant feeling.

    The sex doll is a self-taught sex partner. When you have sex with a real person, she may adapt to your needs based on your preferences or habits. However, if you have sex with a sex doll, you will lack mutual understanding and promotion. Therefore, if your male sex doll learns from the data generated during each sexual intercourse, can you get a more perfect sexual experience? She can obtain and analyze your preferences and habits based on your behaviors on breasts, vagina, lips and buttocks. She can adjust the size of your breasts or mouth according to the size of your penis, so that you have the most comfortable sense of wrapping. She can also adapt to your needs according to your favorite posture.

    The positive impact of sex dolls on public safety. Sex dolls can reduce rape. Rape is a nightmare for many women. Rape can change or destroy their lives. Rape is also a headache for the government. The government spends a lot of time and money trying to reduce the incidence of rape. The main reason for many rape cases is the inability to meet sexual needs. Normal physiological needs need to be released, but there is no normal way to solve it. Therefore, they try to conquer women through violence to achieve sexual satisfaction. If we guide them to try to meet their sexual needs through sex dolls, rather than contact women in the form of crime. We can avoid many rape cases, which is very helpful to improve public safety.