What does a cloud architect do and how can you become one?

  • More and more companies have opted for cloud data storage and processing . This caused the demand for professionals in this sector, like cloud architects, to increase over the past few years. "We noticed a very high demand for professionals with this specialty in Brazil," says Caio Arnaes, senior recruitment manager at Robert Half.

    The strong demand for architects comes from the enormous need, at this moment, to redesign computing environments so that they are implemented in the cloud , points out Mauricio Fernandes, president of Dedalus.

    The first to look for this “new professional” are companies in the IT area. In general, those who do not yet have a team of these specialists are expanding or forming an internal team of experts in the cloud.

    How much money Cloud Engineer make?

    “Cloud computing is the enabler of scalable business models and flexible customer experience architectures,” explains Renato Brisola, vice president of sales at Salesforce.

    Therefore, when the professional is not hired directly, it is common for companies to seek services on demand with partners or from the software manufacturers themselves. “Cloud architecture is a career opportunity for Salesforce's own solution engineers, in addition to industry and technology experts in the market,” says Brisola.

    Wages are in line with requirements. The salary ranges for a cloud architect range, on average and according to Robert Half, from R $ 9 thousand to R $ 19 thousand, depending on the time of experience, company size or demand of this position in the market. “Salaries are on the rise due to the shortage of senior professionals and should continue to do so for some time, but there is a wide range of values, I would say from R $ 4,000 to R $ 25,000”, reveals Fernandes.

    Where to look for a job
    There are currently two very clear demands on the market for cloud architects. “One of them comes from cloud service providers, who act as advisors to customers. Due to the know-how acquired in serving companies with very different characteristics, this type of company has a high demand for highly specialized architects in complex scenarios ”, says Mário Rachid, Executive Director of Digital Solutions at Embratel.

    Source: computerworld.com.br