Troubleshooting the Four Most Common Cell Phones Issues

  • We carry our phones everywhere and use them almost nonstop. And although smartphones have become more resilient over the years, problems can still crop up. Learn more about how to troubleshoot common phone issues and quick solutions to fix them, including:

    How to pair your Bluetooth device to your phone
    How to fix a phone that won’t turn on
    How to fix a glitching phone screen
    How to fix a phone that won’t charge

    If you’re not handy or you’ve reached a roadblock, consider making an appointment with a pro to help solve the problem.

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    Bluetooth isn’t pairing with a device
    You’re all set to listen to music on your Bluetooth speaker or make a call with your Bluetooth headset, but even though the device is on, it won’t pair with your phone. After checking to make sure the Bluetooth is on (it is!), make sure another phone or tablet isn’t already paired with the device you want to use. Next, make sure you’re in range. The most common Bluetooth gadgets work best up to 25 feet between the device and the phone. Finally, if none of these do the trick, turn off the device and restart your phone.

    Phone won’t turn on
    The black screen is staring you in the face, but try as you might, the phone won’t power up. It’s likely one of three issues: the software crashed and needs to be reset, the battery needs to be charged, or the charging cord itself is defective. First, plug the charger in and let the battery do its thing. If the phone still won’t turn on within 10 minutes, try a different charging cord. If that doesn’t work, do a hard reset to clear the random access memory (RAM) and return the phone to the factory settings.