Resolve Facebook Orca & Remove Pnamecome

  • If you have ever seen the Facebook popup message on your Android device’s screen, it shows that pname com has turned off Facebook orca, so it’s possible that you are considering for a clarification to this problem on Facebook and google. Is annoying you want to solve the pname problem of Facebook orca today? Therefore, this article will fit into the best solution of the image for your needs.In this article, you will get pname com descriptions of all orca errors.


    It is possible that you have a backup folder for Facebook. Essentially, this folder is related to a Facebook application. And just like OK folder, the Cutting folder automatically generates a Facebook application after installing the application. Cutting is the same as another folder and you should not be the source of your concern.

    Pname com Facebook orca is not Malware?

    This Facebook orca folder is not malware or virus. This is a folder that’s just like other common folders. It automatically generates the Facebook Messenger app installed on the device. Therefore, there is no need to worry or complain about anything.