What is the Future of Big Data Analytics and Hadoop

  • Technology has given us many useful tools to upgrade our work. Big Data Analytics is one of them. Data is the most important part of any industry to function. This is the reason that data handling should be dealt with care. Big Data plays an important role in maintaining the huge amount of data. It is omnipresent and there always has been a requirement to capture, collect and store whatever data is being generated so that there is not data loss.

    Big Data has taken a lead in the IT industry and has played a significant role in the Business growth and decision making processes to give you an edge over the competitors. This is equally applicable to the organizations as well as professionals existing in the analytics domain. Big Data Analytics, bring an ocean of opportunities for the professionals, who are skilled in it.

    Hadoop career scope?

    There is an escalating demand for Analytics Professionals especially from the people sitting at senior executive positions, has stressed the significance of analytics professionals by stating that “Data is useless without the skill to analyze it.” There are plenty of job opportunities in big data management and analytics as compared to last year and many IT professionals are preparing themselves to invest their time and money for the training.

    The job trend graph for Big Data Analytics, taken from various job portals, proves that there is a growing trend for it and consequently there is a steady increase in the number of job opportunities.