Dealing with Writing Expectations on the Job

  • Even entry level positions in organization require writing on a regular basis. Writing well may be essential to attain success or advancement within an organization. The type of written work required will vary in length and format, but a few examples of possible writing requirements are memos, letters, directions, reports, and presentations. Strategies to help make writing more successful are as follows:

    • Have an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement.
    • Include support for the thesis.
    • End with a brief concluding statement.
    • Proofread and re-read many times for spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
    • Develop a checklist of YOUR common errors.
    • Read the correspondence aloud.
    • Develop a relationship with a co-worker for proofreading.
    • Use spell checks and grammar checks.
    • Write, do something else, then go back and read what you have written.
    • Be aware of proper format, then make a copy of a completed correspondence to refer back to for the next writing.

    If you want to develop good writing skills and become a good writer like one of those from professional writing services, you should read plenty of books. If you like reading more often, this shouldn’t be an issue for you because reading would eventually improve your thinking capabilities and writing composition. Through reading books, you would be able to understand the sentence structures more and how to imply certain words in the sentences right. You can also take notes while reading those books and get yourself some reference points and instances.

    If you don’t like reading books and they are too much to handle for you, you can also go with those newspaper article cuttings and stories that are published very often. Even going through magazines and their cover stories would help you getting good writing skills.

    Once you think you have gotten enough exposure of the words, sentences and grammar, it is time to start writing because you would have to do that at some point. If you wouldn’t start writing then probably your writing skills wouldn’t enhance as much as they should. You can even use your computer for the cause because for some people typing is much more convenient than the writing.