Enterprise Router

  • The advantages of using a router to the computer



    When a router is used to create a network, the live internet connection is connected to the router, instead of being directly connected to the Ethernet network of the computer. This forces the data to pass through the router before being sent to the computer in the network. Many routers contain hardware firewalls that allow them to filter and block potentially malicious data. This can avoid threats such as viruses and other malware that affects the computers in the network. Even if you use a software firewall, firewall, a router can provide an additional layer of protection.


    Routers allow users to create local area networks (LANs) that can allow multiple computers to access the Internet through a single Internet connection. Routers typically have four or more Ethernet ports that can be connected to the computer, as well as a port to accept an incoming Internet connection from a modem. This means that using a router, you can connect four or more devices to the Internet, even if you only have one modem. The number of devices connected to the LAN can be extended by connecting the network devices to the router.Enterprise routers are basic product for any business/enterprise.

    For example, you can connect a network hub to the router to create multiple ports for computers to connect to.

    Wireless connectivity 

    One of the main advantages of using routers is the potential for wireless connectivity. While some routers are designed for wired connections using Ethernet cables, wireless routers allow wired network computers and RF signals. Any computer that has a wireless card that is close enough to the router to capture a signal capable of connecting to it and access to the Internet and other resources on the network. This is beneficial for networks in public places, since it allows people to connect without having to locate the router and connect the cables. The use of a wireless router, however, have the disadvantage of piggybackers: people try to connect to your router without your permission. To avoid unwanted connections,