What is network engineer

  • Engineers, the most wanted and best paid


    The technology sector is the king of employment this year: network engineers are the most demanded and if you are a security engineer, your salary is on the rise.

    Everything indicates that 2017 will be the year of the consolidation of the labor market and the improvement of the quality of employment that will be created. But while this national desire comes true, those who start on the right foot are network engineers and IT security engineers. According to the XII Report The  Wanted of Spring Professional, the first are the most demanded by companies and security experts are those who can aspire to a better remuneration. The consultant selection of middle managers of the Adecco Group has reached this conclusion after analyzing the labor market. Although engineers occupy the first place in this ranking, there are other very different profiles for their training and activity, but all share a common denominator that you must take into account: be strategic for the sector that claims you. In addition, it is increasingly important that these new professionals have a multidisciplinary profile, with great versatility, analytical capacity and orientation to results, as well as a strategic vision, proactivity and adaptation to change. In any case, the IT and teleco area will pull the job:

    Network engineer

    The most damaged by the market, is responsible for ensuring that the telecommunication networks of the company work properly, from installation to start-up, administration and maintenance. Together with the technical teams, it develops a strategy to operate the telecommunications infrastructure of the company. For this Network Engineer position, a high level of English and different certifications are required. The remuneration for this profile ranges between 40,000 and 50,000 euros gross per year.

    IT security engineer

    A gross annual remuneration between 50,000 and 90,000 euros gross, according to their experience, makes the engineer in IT security the most sought after by the labor market. The objective of this professional is to safeguard and protect the data and information held by their systems and ensure the continuity of operations, preventing possible computer attacks.

    NET software developer

    The large corporations are relocating in our country to develop their software, hence this profile is the most demanded in the IT area. To exercise this position, it is necessary to have a technical engineering or higher in computer science and the experience is valued. The remuneration of this profile ranges between 32,000 and 42,000 euros gross per year.

    SAP Consultant

    The growth of SAP technology is a rewarding reward for these professionals: their annual remuneration ranges between 45,000 and 80,000 euros gross, according to their international experience and the modules they master. In this case, more than in any other position, a previous experience of three to seven years as an SAP consultant is requested in the module that is required, and also the carrying out of international rolls-outs and activity is parameterized SAP.