Designation of the system administrator.

  • What is a system administrator?

    A system administrator is therefore responsible for installing or maintaining a system composed of several computer components, in optimal operating conditions for its correct use by users of these. For this, it must monitor the state of the system periodically, perform maintenance and repair tasks, purchase new elements, updates, security, equipment and network configuration ... etc.

    This work, which was generally reserved for the user, then a technically qualified person does it, thus allowing to free the first of these tasks, gaining time and also effectiveness and security as a whole. The systems administrator is indispensable in a company that uses a computer network for its daily work, freeing workers from tasks for which they may not be trained.

     "system administrator" we identify professional figures aimed at the management and maintenance of a processing plant or its components and that are also considered similar figures from the point of view of risks related to data protection, such as administrators of databases , administrators of networks and security apparatuses and administrators of complex software systems and Freelance Network Analyst, this even when the administrator does not consult "information" regarding the processing of personal data.

    To perform as administrator of networks and systems you can study electronic engineering and telecommunications, Computer Engineering or some other career related to computing or information sciences.

    I discovered what is a network administrator, Communications and Operating Systems does

     It can be complex to talk about the functions of a system and network administrator since they can be several and very diverse depending on the position and the new technologies that are appearing. This professional is a key player in any company or organization since they are the ones who deal with the security, quality and correct functioning of the entire computer network and the services offered, as well as maintenance.

     As part of its main competencies, the administrator of networks, communications and systems is responsible for organizing, installing and supporting the computer system of an organization, ensuring the proper functioning of internal and external computer networks, according to operational and service levels. Security to be established.

    How are the capabilities of the system administrator evaluated?

    Before making the appointment, the holder must evaluate the experience, the ability and the reliability of the designated subjects as "system administrator" who must provide a suitable guarantee of full compliance with the current provisions on treatment, including the relative profile to security. 
    How can this be done (and possibly demonstrated to the Guarantor in the event of an inspection)? 
    It is obvious that we start from the assumption that those who actually already perform the function of system administrator are able to carry out their function; It is therefore appropriate to prepare a sort of curriculum vitae of each director who clearly indicates educational qualifications, professional certifications, professional experience, training courses already carried out. The CV must be dated and signed by both the administrator and the owner. The indication of the training courses carried out especially for areas not purely technological but related to the problems of privacy and protection of personal data takes on a particularly important value for the "respect of the guarantee of the current provisions". The system administrator can not just be a good technician but must know the privacy policy.

    Designation of the system administrator.

    It is necessary to prepare a specific "assignment" letter that contains:

    • attestation that the person in charge has the characteristics required by law;
    • analytical listing of the areas of operation requested and allowed based on the assigned authorization profile;
    • indication of the "verifications" at least annually that the owner will perform on the activities performed by the system administrator;
    • indication that the appointment and the relative name will be communicated to the staff and eventually to third parties in the manner required by law.

    System Administrator salary is around $ 62,178 per year or $ 32 per hour. This is about 2.4 times more than the average salary in the country. Entry-level positions start at $ 44,000, while most experienced workers reach $ 87,000. The results are based on 112 salaries extracted from the descriptions of job offers.