Is The Sony KDL60LX903 Worth Considering?

  • The Sony KDL60LX903 offers the very latest in 3D television technology. There are very many features that make it a unique entry within the market place. It comes pre-equipped with full 3D capabilities. It provides access to streaming internet videos through the built in wireless connection. It gives the viewer the chance to make use of free specialty services and includes many automated smart features. Special thanks I want to say, because thanks to them this article was prepared and information was found.

    One of the first things I found interesting about this model was the fact that it offers full High Definition 3D capabilities. By putting on the included specially designed shutter glasses, you can experience full High Definition quality 3D graphics right in your own home.

    As time passed and multiple sets were appearing in people’s homes they revealed a new problem. Space in bedrooms were already limited and even a minimal television would take up valuable dresser space. Gamers would be on the computers as well leaving very little for much else in the bedrooms.

    It seemed when the flat screen televisions came along, they were going to change everything and indeed they have. Elegant sets hanging from the walls of any room you wish. They are sleek and modern, thin and light weight pieces of art. Space is no longer an issue with these televisions. We have officially been given our dressers back!

    The addition of smart features is the reason why many are giving such good reviews to this set. Smart features are a very handy thing to have in a television.

    This television can automatically adjust various parameters on the fly. It sometimes even does this when nobody is viewing the television. This creates the best possible viewing experience at all times.

    A good example of this is the Sony KDL60LX903 which offers a unique experience new to the home market… Three dimensional viewing. With their infrared, streamline glasses you can not only watch movies in 3D, you can also bring your PS3 video games to life in your family room. The glasses utilize a technology which separately sees the left and right images while in combination with the one on screen and in return, you get the 3D experience.

    The presence sensor can identify who is in the room and suggest programming for that person. It can also save energy by shutting off when nobody is watching. The distance alert will even tell the kids they are sitting to close to the TV for you. With the integrations of wifi in modern televisions you can enjoy a super sized modem for your web surfing.

    The sixty inch size of this television makes it a very cinematic unit. This type of screen size is among the largest currently offered on the market.

    With it’s built in tuner for access to Freeview HD, Distance Alert which alarms you if you are sitting too close to the television, Minimalistic Monolithic Design, and so many more amazing features, this model seems to offer it all.