Why use a data center?

  • An individual or a company can in theory, and even in practice, centralize, store and share its data on a network by creating with its own data center. For example, a computer and an internet connection are enough to put into production a server hosting a website. If the commissioning of this "home data center" is relatively simple, problems arise quickly. For example, the individual hosting a website on his own computer will very quickly be faced with the difficulty of obtaining a high-speed network connection of quality and above all reliable, the installation of a generator to prevent common failures, the rapid replacement of defective parts, ... Moreover, the internet connection of an individual is rarely equipped with a fixed IP address, which makes it virtually impossible home hosting a site visible to the general public.


    These difficulties are such that almost no one today thinks of hosting a website on their own material and even more with a personal connection.


    The production of a website or an application is therefore naturally done with a server and therefore via a data center. The data processing centers bring many guarantees such as the putting on line of a secure, reliable service, having a very high speed network connection and better yet a running of the programs on a last generation machine.


    Data Centers meet many needs


    The data centers provide their users with machines that can meet many needs and expectations. A company will be able to rent machines to store large volumes of data with optimal security and another will be able to rent machines capable of processing and sending data at high speed.


    In addition, providers will Hire a Freelance Data Center Technician around the globe. Thus they are able to provide data quickly regardless of the location of the user.