• They address the theoretical and methodological bases necessary to understand, assimilate, adapt, incorporate, specify, integrate, put into service, maintain and operate technologies, equipment, systems and telecommunications networks.


    They seek to solve specific needs, with criteria of opportunity and economic efficiency, as well as optimize resources for growth, sustainable development and the well-being of humanity.


    It is desirable that those who enter these programs have an interest in knowing the technological advances and communications. Ability to handle information and to adapt to social and technological changes.


    The ability for logical and mathematical reasoning. Capacities for analysis, synthesis, and deduction. Provision for teamwork. Adequate preparation in mathematics, physics, and drawing.


    Graduate profile

    The graduate of the Telecommunications Engineering vocation must have strong information of the fundamental standards of material science, arithmetic, and science. He should likewise have a profound summon of the central ideas of correspondences, processing, gadgets and particular zones of the field of media communications. It will be open to self-learning and capable of performing in multidisciplinary environments.  To Hire a Freelance Telecom Engineer, the socio-humanistic aspect that places him in his social environment is considered, to form a sense of responsibility and competitiveness.



     Given the need to modernize services in an integral way, it must have a good social and human formation, coupled with a great sense of creativity, in order to:


    • Establish practical engineering solutions.
    • Participate in technological changes.
    • Collaborate extensively to achieve the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary participation of the working groups.



    • With regard to skills, it is important that the graduate possesses:
    • Entrepreneurial attitude and leadership, with own initiative.
    • Ease for the analysis and synthesis of problems, as well as for the presentation of practical solutions.
    • Teamwork capacity.