The Career of Freelance Network Technician

  • The Technical Career in Freelance Network Technician of IACC forms technically capable of managing voice and data networks according to the needs of each organization. The curriculum covers areas such as computer audit and computational security, service management, mobile and wireless technologies, network hardware and software, voice and data transmission, monitoring, routing and network management, voice and video service management, among others.

    The curriculum is characterized by its high practical content, this, with the aim of promoting knowledge and enhance the development of the student's professional skills, aimed at achieving the skills and technical skills required in the exercise of their functions in the work environment, The study plan has a duration of 2 years distributed in 20 subjects, in addition to a professional practice of 272 hours, which can be taken from the 9th cycle.

    Senior Network and Security Technician

    Minimum requirements

    Essential CCNP certification, CISSP, CCSP or similar in force.

    Minimum experience of 3 years in similar position

    * Management and configuration of firewalls, corporate antivirus systems, Wi-Fi services, switches and CISCO routers, DNS services.

    * High availability, proxy and equipment balancing technologies

    * Network design (addressing, sizing, management, DHCP, etc.)

    * Configuration of both IPSEC and SSL services

    * Network access control platforms (NAC) and application control (Application firewall, web application firewall)

    * Structured cabling of ICT


    We want to incorporate to our team a Senior Security and Network Technician with CCNP certification who will be incorporated into the communications area of the Public Administration project in the center of Madrid.If you are interested in participating in a project as a Senior Network Technician and you want to demonstrate your worth in team management, this is your project.

    The functions

    • Design, planning, monitoring and management of networks
    • Planning, configuration and management of communications equipment
    • Documentation of existing infrastructures and new solutions
    • Monitoring, detection, management and resolution of incidents as well as user support
    • Maintenance of communication wiring and patching panels of the CPDs
    • Maintenance of DNS servers, DHCP, NTP
    • Design, implementation and maintenance of Wi-Fi networks
    • Design, configuration and maintenance of the equipment that offers the videoconference service
    • Sporadically, he will be responsible for carrying out tasks of coordinator of the service, performing the definition of objectives, planning, allocation of resources, monitoring, control and reporting and management of the team.


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